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  Methods for Quantifying Potential Microbial Contamination during Deep Ocean Coring

Technical Note 28

PDF format (430 kb; published 23 May 2000)

HTML format (4 August 2000)

Citation information:
Smith, D.C., Spivack, A.J., Fisk, M.R., Haveman, S.A., Staudigel, H., and the Leg 185 Shipboard Scientific Party, 2000. Methods for quantifying potential microbial contamination during deep ocean coring. ODP Tech. Note, 28. doi:10.2973/odp.tn.28.2000

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Image on left is a photomicrograph of a volcanic glass (right) and clay (left) thin section treated with Hoescht dye, which turns blue in the presence of DNA. The sample came from 284 mbsf. The long dimension of the image = 0.6 mm.

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