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Precruise Leg Information

Do NOT bring the following items on board the ship as they are strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs

Things ODP DOES Supply:Things ODP Does NOT Supply:
Safety glasses (NOT prescription), hardhatsCoveralls
Hearing protection (when necessary)Work clothes
Bed linens and towelsWork boots
Laundry bags and serviceSoap
Work glovesShampoo
Limited cold-weather gear ONLY for high-latitude legs Sunscreen
Paperback booksCandy
Various magazinesChocolate
Movies, but the collection is variable and olderRain gear
Some soft drinksFilm

General Information

  • Business visas are not required.
  • You are responsible for having the correct tourist or transit visas.
  • Requirements may differ if arriving/departing by ship vs. airplane so CHECK with appropriate consulate or embassy.

Personal travel time

    If your trip includes personal travel time before or after the cruise, you may require more time on your visa or a different visa altogether: CHECK!!! Otherwise you could be responsible for a delay at customs at the end of a long leg.


    United States currency (cash or traveler's checks) for use on ship (for e-mail, phone calls, and ship's stores [t-shirts, mugs, etc]).
    Tip: ODP does NOT accept foreign currency or personal checks.

Dietary Issues

    Any special dietary requirements should to be brought to our attention (contact the staff scientist) at least 4 months prior to the leg.

Checklist Of Items To Bring To The Ship

    __    Passport, ODP identification card, and ODP travel information
    __    ODP letter stating you are joining the cruise (important for port security).

    __    Backup media: JAZ, MO, Tape, ZIP, or CDs
    __    Work for slow periods, e.g., data for that paper you've been wanting to write.

    __    Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tissues
    __    Sun screen or sun block
    __    Vitamins or other dietary supplements

    __    A small alarm clock or watch with an alarm. Caution: power in the cabins is 120V & 60 cycle. It sometimes affects digital alarm clocks.
    __    Small flashlight
    __    Extra batteries for all battery powered equipment
    __    Backpack
    __    Sunglasses - as reflection off the water, clouds, and ice can be fierce.
    __    Extra pair of prescription glasses/sun glasses.
    __    If you require prescription safety glasses, you must provide those yourself.

    __    Sweater or jacket for indoors (air conditioning can be strong).
    __    Plain T-shirts for silk-screening leg logo at the end of the cruise (optional).

    __    Prescription medication (enough for two months at sea and travel).
    __    Necessary paperwork for medicines; some types are illegal in other countries.

    __    Camera and manual.
    __    Film (not available for purchase on ship).
    __    Macro lense if plan on taking core photos.
    __    100 ASA 35 mm daylight balanced process E6 film for core photos.

    __    Steel-toed boots for rig floor (e.g., Co-chiefs, loggers, CORKers, etc.).
    __    Close-toed shoes are required for access to many areas of the ship.
    __    Old/tough clothes as you will probably get dirty (mud, grease, paint, etc.).
    __    Ship's laundry is efficient (clothes returned within 6 hr, and door-to-door service) but can be hard on clothing. Don't bring your favorite stuff.

    Gym Items
    __    Extra towel (also for sunbathing)
    __    Workout clothes
    __    Shoes
    __    Water bottle
    __    Workout tapes. Some machines (but not all) play all formats of DVDs & VHS videos.

    Items to make the trip more enjoyable

    __    Music (CDs or tapes)
    __    Family pictures
    __    Candy and/or chocolate
    __    Coffee (most labs have cappuccino machines and bean grinders)
    __    Herbal teas
    __    Dry fruit, etc.
    __    Laser discs and DVD movies

Tip: You can usually shop close to the hotel/ship for many of the above items before you board.

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