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Online access to data (Janus Web)

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Data Types and Examples

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Logging Data (LDEO-BRG)

ODP data available from the NGDC

How to Obtain ODP Data

Distribution of scientific data gathered by the Ocean Drilling Program is restricted to the members of the appropriate scientific party for 12 months after the end of the cruise. All data are then available to the public. Most requests can be answered quickly and free of charge. If a charge is made to recover expenses, an invoice will be sent and must be paid before the request is processed.

Members of the ODP Database Group are available to consult with you about your data requirements. ODP encourages you to make use of its services.

Online access: Janus Web

Alternatively, requests can be addressed to:

    Data Librarian
    Ocean Drilling Program
    Texas A&M University Research Park
    1000 Discovery Drive
    College Station, TX 77840 USA
    Tel: (979) 845-8495
    Fax: (979) 845-4857

Logging data can be obtained from the LDEO-BRG database.

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