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Computing Environment

Data Collection

Data Backup and Transfer


Shipboard Laboratories


Legacy information for 1985-2003

E-Mail System

The electronic mail system GroupWise is available onboard the ship as an easy method of communicating with a colleague working on a different watch schedule or for communicating with colleagues off the ship. There is a fee for personal messages transmitted from the ship. E-mail is sent and received via a satellite connection twice a day.

Video Bulletin Board

Each lab area on the ship is equipped with at least one video monitor connected to a video distribution system in the computer facility. One of the several channels can be displayed on these monitors. Possible selections include the following, but usually only a subset is available at any given moment:
    The CORELOG: A text summary of recent coring activity and a one-line message
    The TOTCO display: Current drilling parameters from the rig floor.
    The Rig Floor: A camera scans the drilling action.
    The Movie Channel: The lounge video player at large.
    The Subsea Camera: Watch the drill pipe reenter a hole or survey the sea floor

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