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Shipboard Laboratories

Computing Environment

Legacy information for 1985-2003

The basic computer environment consists of over 40 MacIntoshes, 40 PCs, and 5 Unix (Sparc) Workstations. The operating systems that are installed and supported on these are, respectively, MacOS 8.5, Windows NT, and Solaris (version 2.5 or 2.6). A few of the older Macs are still running MacOS 7.5.5, and a few PCs have Windows 95. As of the end of Leg 185, we no longer support any Unix Workstations with SunOS.

Scientists that require other operating systems or computers than those listed above, or other software packages than those listed in the software section, should contact the Staff Scientist for their cruise to see if their needs can be accommodated. In some cases, space can be made available for scientists to bring their own computer.

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