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JOIDES Resolution

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JOIDES Resolution Tour: Main Deck/Level 4

Cross-section of the JOIDES Resolution

The Science Lounge serves two critical functions. Its primary purpose is to provide meeting facilities for the shipboard scientific party. The room is outfitted with slide and overhead projectors, and complete video display capabilities. Its second purpose is to serve as a lounge and movie room. The Science Lounge is one of the few places on the ship where scientists and crew can get together to relax, discuss events, or watch a movie on the large screen TV.

The Curatorial Representative is responsible for the proper curation of the recovered cores as well as assisting the scientists in obtaining the samples required for their scientific research.

The Yeoperson is responsible for assembling the scientific written reports to ensure that they are properly formatted and archived on the ship. At the end of the cruise, all written results (text, tables, and figures) are sent back to the ODP Publication Services department.

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