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1. The Geological Evolution of the Tyrrhenian Sea: An Introduction to the Scientific Results of ODP Leg 107 (see Note added in proof)
K. Kastens and J. Mascle


2. Types and Sources of Large Rock Clasts and of Heavy Minerals from ODP Sites 652, 653, 654, and 656 in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Implications about the Nature of the East Sardinia Passive Continental Margin
R. Sartori, G. Mascle, J.P. Bouillin, J. Girault, G. Naud, M. Pasini, and M. Piboule

3. Peridotites Drilled from the Tyrrhenian Sea, ODP Leg 107
E. Bonatti, M. Seyler, J. Channell, J. Giraudeau, and G. Mascle

4. Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Volcanic Rocks from ODP Sites 650, 651, 655, and 654 in the Tyrrhenian Sea
L. Beccaluva, E. Bonatti, C. Dupuy, G. Ferrara, F. Innocenti, F. Lucchini, P. Macera, R. Petrini, P.L. Rossi, G. Serri, M. Seyler, and F. Siena

5. Petrology and Geochemistry of Basalts from the Vavilov Basin (Tyrrhenian Sea), Ocean Drilling Program Leg 107, Holes 651A and 655B
H. Bertrand, P. Boivin, and C. Robin

6. 39Ar-40Ar Analysis on Basaltic Lava Series of Vavilov Basin, Tyrrhenian Sea (Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 107, Holes 655B and 651A)
G. Feraud

7. Magnetic Properties and Paleomagnetism of Basalts from Leg 107 (Holes 651A and 655B)
L. Vigliotti, M. Torii, and J. Channell


8. Contrasting Magnetic Properties in Leg 107 Sediments: Preservation and Alteration of Titanomagnetite at Adjacent Sites
J.E.T. Channell, T. Hawthorne, and M. Torii

9. Pliocene Basal Dolomitic and Fe-Mn Sediments from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Western Mediterranean, ODP Leg 107
A.H.F. Robertson

10. Basal Dolomitic Sediments, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 107
J.A. McKenzie, A. Isern, A.M. Karpoff, and P.K. Swart

11. Mineralogical and Geochemical Investigations on Latest Miocene Deposits in the Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107)
H. Chamley, P. Debrabant, C. Robert, G. Mascle, J.-P. Rehault, and J. Aprahamian

12. Messinian and Pre-Messinian Sediments from ODP Leg 107 Sites 652 and 654 in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Sedimentologic and Petrographic Study and Possible Comparisons with Italian Sequences
A.M. Borsetti, P.V. Curzi, V. Landuzzi, M. Mutti, F. Ricci Lucchi, R. Sartori, L. Tomadin, and G.G. Zuffa

13. Sedimentary and Diagenetic Evolution of Messinian Evaporites in the Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107, Sites 652, 653, and 654): Petrographic, Mineralogical, and Stable Isotope Records
C. Pierre and J.M. Rouchy

14. Messinian Paleoenvironments: New Evidence from the Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107)
M.B. Cita, S. Santambrogio, B. Melillo, and F. Rogate

15. Mineralogical Study of Upper Miocene Sediments from Wireline Logs and Core Measurements, Site 652, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 107 (Tyrrhenian Sea)
C. Broglia, B.C. Schreiber, M.B. Cita, H. Chamley, and R. Dove

16. Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Iron- and Trace-Metal-Rich Messinian and Pliocene Mudstones Cored on the Sardinian Margin: ODP Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea (Central Mediterranean)
A.H.F. Robertson

17. Sedimentation in the Marsili Basin during Quaternary (ODP Site 650, Tyrrhenian Sea)
W. Hieke, G. Glaçon, S. Hasegawa, C. Müller, and J.P. Peypouquet

18. Volcaniclastic Sediments in the Tyrrhenian Basin
F.W. McCoy and W. Cornell

19. Mineralogy of Firm Muds and Mudstones Associated with Volcano Sedimentary Layers from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Holes 650A and 651A, ODP Leg 107
J. Allouc and Y. Champetier

20. Clay Mineralogy of the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Hole 653A, Western Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107)
J.P. de Visser and H. Chamley


21. Magnetostratigraphy of Sediments Recovered at Sites 650, 651, 652, and 654 (Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea)
J.E.T Channell, M. Torii, and T. Hawthorne

22. Two "Events" Recorded in the Brunhes Chron at Hole 650A (ODP Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea): Geomagnetic Phenomena?
J.E.T. Channell and M. Torii

23. Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of ODP Hole 653A and Site 654: The Pliocene-Pleistocene Glacial History Recorded in the Tyrrhenian Basin (West Mediterranean)
C. Vergnaud Grazzini, J.F Saliège, M.J. Urrutiaguer, and A. Iannace

24. Pliocene-Pleistocene Stable Isotope Record for Ocean Drilling Program Site 653, Tyrrhenian Basin: Implications for the Paleoenvironmental History of the Mediterranean Sea
R. Thunell, D. Williams, E. Tappa, D. Rio, and I. Raffi

25. Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the Pliocene-Pleistocene "Deep-Sea Type Section" at ODP Hole 653A
J.A. McKenzie, S.C. Palmer, and P.A. Mueller

26. Paleoceanographic Conditions following the Earliest Pliocene Flooding of the Tyrrhenian Sea
J.A. McKenzie and R. Sprovieri

27. Planktonic Foraminiferal Events and Stable Isotope Records in the Upper Miocene, Site 654
G. Glaçon, C. Vergnaud Grazzini, S. Iaccarino, J.-P. Rehault, A. Randrianasolo, J.F. Sierro, P. Weaver, J. Channell, M. Torii and T. Hawthorne

28. Plio-Pleistocene Benthic Foraminifera Stratigraphic Distribution in the Deep-Sea Record of the Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107)
R. Sprovieri and S. Hasegawa

29. Quantitative Analysis of Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages from Plio-Pleistocene Sequences in the Tyrrhenian Sea, ODP Leg 107
S. Hasegawa, R. Sprovieri, and A. Poluzzi

30. Relationship between the Benthic Foraminifers and the Ostracodes in the Pliocene-Pleistocene Tyrrhenian Deep-Sea Record (ODP Leg 107, Site 654)
M.L. Colalongo, G. Pasini, A. Poluzzi, and R. Sprovieri

31. Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental Interpretations from the Tyrrhenian Sea, ODP Leg 107 (Western Mediterranean)
C. Müller

32. Pliocene-Pleistocene Calcareous Nannofossil Distribution Patterns in the Western Mediterranean
D. Rio, I. Raffi, and G. Villa


33. Organic Geochemistry of ODP Leg 107 Sediments (Sites 652, 653, 654, 655)
E. Brosse and J.P. Herbin

34. Provenance and Maturity of Organic Carbon in Late Tertiary to Quaternary Sediments from the Tyrrhenian Sea—(ODP Leg 107/Holes 652A and 654A)
K.-C. Emeis, B. Mycke, and E.T. Degens

35. Organic Facies and Maturation of Sediments from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 107
P.K. Mukhopadhyay

36. Geochemistry of Labile Organic Matter in Sediments and Interstitial Water Recovered from Sites 651 and 653, Leg 107 ODP in the Tyrrhenian Sea
R. Seifert, K.-C. Emeis, A. Spitzy, K. Strahlendorff, W. Michaelis, and E.T. Degens

37. Strontium Isotopic Ratios as Fluid Tracers in Messinian Evaporites of the Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean Sea)
D.W. Müller, P.A. Mueller, and J.A. McKenzie


38. A Revised Seismic Stratigraphy of the Tyrrhenian Sea: Implications for the Basin Evolution
J. Mascle and J.-P. Rehault


39. Summary and Synthesis of Late Miocene to Recent Sedimentary and Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Western Mediterranean: Leg 107 of the Ocean Drilling Program
A. Robertson, W. Hieke, G. Mascle, F. McCoy, J. McKenzie, J.-P. Rehault, and R. Sartori

40. Biomagnetostratigraphic Correlations from Leg 107 in the Tyrrhenian Sea
J.E.T. Channell, D. Rio, R. Sprovieri, and G. Glaçon

41. Calcareous Plankton Pliocene-Pleistocene Biostratigraphy in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean, Leg 107)
G. Glaçon, D. Rio, and R. Sprovieri

42. Pliocene-Pleistocene Paleoenvironmental History of the Western Mediterranean: A Synthesis of ODP Site 653 Results
D. Rio, R. Sprovieri, R. Thunell, C. Vergnaud Grazzini, and G. Glaçon

43. Pliocene-Early Pleistocene Chronostratigraphy and the Tyrrhenian Deep-Sea Record from Site 653
D. Rio, R. Sprovieri, and J. Channell

44. The Main Results of ODP Leg 107 in the Frame of Neogene to Recent Geology of Perityrrhenian Areas
R. Sartori


45. Textural and Compositional Characters of Eight Samples from Holes 652A and 654A (Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea)
G. Cavarretta, G. Civitelli, E. Francaviglia, and G. Mariotti

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Scientific Results: Volume 107: Chapter 28:
Table 2. Quantitative ranges of Plio-Pleistocene benthic foraminifers at Site 654.
Table 3. Quantitative ranges of Plio-Pleistocene benthic foraminifers at Hole 653A.
Table 4. Quantitative ranges of Plio-Pleistocene benthic foraminifers at Site 652.

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