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1. Introduction
Shipboard Scientific Party


2. Quantitative Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Upper Oligocene to Middle Miocene Sediment from ODP Hole 667A and Middle Miocene Sediment from DSDP Site 574
G. Olafsson

3. Diatom Biostratigraphy of Leg 108 Sediments: Eastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean
J.G. Baldauf and E.M. Pokras

4. Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Leg 108 Sediments
H. Manivit

5. Late Miocene to Holocene Planktonic Foraminifers from the Equatorial Atlantic, Leg 108
P.P.E. Weaver and M.E. Raymo

6. First Palynological Results from Site 658 at 21°N off Northwest Africa: Pollen as Climate Indicators
L.M. Dupont, H.-J. Beug, H. Stalling, and R. Tiedemann

7. The Stilostomella Extinction
P. Weinholz and G.F. Lutze


8. Comparison of Upper Pliocene Discoaster Abundance Variations from North Atlantic Sites 552, 607, 658, 659, and 662: Further Evidence for Marine Plankton Responding to Orbital Forcing
A. Chepstow-Lusty, J. Backman, and N.J. Shackleton

9. Evolution of South Saharan/Sahelian Aridity Based on Freshwater Diatoms (Genus Melosira) and Opal Phytoliths: Sites 662 and 664
E.M. Pokras and W.F. Ruddiman

10. Initial Diatom Record of Sites 657 and 658: On the History of Upwelling and Continental Aridity
B. Stabell

11. Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Variation in Pliocene Benthic Foraminifers of the Equatorial Atlantic
W.B. Curry and K.G. Miller

12. Toward a High-Resolution Stable Isotope Stratigraphy of the Last 3.4 Million Years: Sites 658 and 659 off Northwest Africa
M. Sarnthein and R. Tiedemann

13. Comparison of Late Pliocene and Late Pleistocene Sea-Surface Temperatures in the Equatorial Atlantic Divergence
K. Karlin, W.F. Ruddiman, and A. Mclntyre

14. Pliocene-Pleistocene Biogenic and Terrigenous Fluxes at Equatorial Atlantic Sites 662, 663, and 664
W.F. Ruddiman and T.R. Janecek

15. Climatic Changes in the Western Sahara: Aeolo-Marine Sediment Record of the Last 8 Million Years (Sites 657-661)
R. Tiedemann, M. Sarnthein, and R. Stein

16. Oligocene to Miocene Stable Isotope Stratigraphy and Planktonic Foraminifer Biostratigraphy of the Sierra Leone Rise (DSDP Site 366 and ODP Site 667)
K.G. Miller, J.D. Wright, and A.N. Brower


17. Sedimentological and Geochemical Characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Sediments at Site 661 (Eastern Equatorial Atlantic) and Their Paleoenvironmental Significance
R. Stein and J.-C. Faugères

18. Pelagic, Turbiditic, and Contouritic Sequential Deposits on the Cape Verde Plateau (Leg 108, Site 659, Northwest Africa): Sediment Record during Neogene Time
J.-C. Faugères, P. Legigan, N. Maillet, and C. Latouche

19. Characteristics and Distribution of Neogene Turbidites at Site 657 (Leg 108, Cap Blanc Continental Rise, Northwest Africa): Variations in Turbidite Source and Continental Climate
J.-C. Faugères, P. Legigan, N. Maillet, M. Sarnthein, and R. Stein


20. Preliminary Analysis of Extractable Lipids in Sediments from the Eastern North Atlantic (Leg 108): Comparison of a Coastal Upwelling Area (Site 658) with a Nonupwelling Area (Site 659)
H.L. ten Haven, J. Rullkötter, and R. Stein

21. Accumulation of Marine and Terrigenous Organic Carbon at Upwelling Site 658 and Nonupwelling Sites 657 and 659: Implications for the Reconstruction of Paleoenvironments in the Eastern Subtropical Atlantic through Late Cenozoic Times
R. Stein, H.L. ten Haven, R. Littke, J. Rullkötter, and D.H. Welte

22. Molecular Stratigraphic Study of Sediments from Holes 658A and 660A, Leg 108
J.G. Poynter, P. Farrimond, S.C. Brassell, and G. Eglington


23. Physical Properties of Sedimentary Environments in Oceanic High (Site 658) and Low (Site 659) Productivity Zones
J. Mienert and P. Schultheiss

24. An Automated P-Wave Logger for Recording Fine-Scale Compressional Wave Velocity Structures in Sediments
P.J. Schultheiss and S.D. McPhail

25. Rock-Magnetic Stratigraphy of Leg 108 Sites 658, 659, 661, and 665, Eastern Tropical Atlantic
J. Bloemendal, J.W. King, L. Tauxe, and J.-P. Valet

26. Magnetostratigraphy of Leg 108 Advanced Hydraulic Piston Cores
L. Tauxe, J.-P. Valet, and J. Bloemendal

27. The Matuyama-Brunhes Geomagnetic Reversal from Two Deep-Sea Cores of the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
J.-P. Valet, L. Tauxe, and J. Bloemendal


28. Biostratigraphic Synthesis, Leg 108, Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
P.P.E. Weaver, J. Backman, J.G. Baldauf, J. Bloemendal, H. Manivit, K.G. Miller, E.M. Pokras, M.E. Raymo, L. Tauxe, J.-P. Valet, A. Chepstow- Lusty, and G. Olafsson

29. Late Miocene to Pleistocene Evolution of Climate in Africa and the Low-Latitude Atlantic: Overview of Leg 108 Results
W.F. Ruddiman, M. Sarnthein, J. Backman, J.G. Baldauf, W. Curry, L.M. Dupont, T. Janecek, E.M. Pokras, M.E. Raymo, B. Stabell, R. Stein, and R. Tiedemann


30. Tropical Atlantic Silicoflagellates from Leg 108 Cores off Africa
D. Bukry

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