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1. Wide-Aperture Seismic Reflection Profiles across the Barbados Ridge Complex
J.W. Ladd, G.K. Westbrook, P. Buhl, and N. Bangs

2. Eocene Paleogeography of the Southeastern Caribbean: Relations between Sedimentation on the Atlantic Abyssal Plain at Site 672 and Evolution of the South America Margin
C. Beck, Y. Ogawa, and J. Dolan

3. Frontal Accretion and Piggyback Basin Development at the Southern Edge of the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Complex
A. Mascle, L. Endignoux, and T. Chennouf

4. The Lesser Antilles Island Arc
P. Bouysse, D. Westercamp, and P. Andreieff


5. Eocene–Oligocene Sedimentation in the Tiburon Rise/ODP Leg 110 Area: an Example of Significant Upslope Flow of Distal Turbidity Currents
J.F. Dolan, C. Beck, Y. Ogawa, and A. Klaus

6. Clay Mineralogy of ODP Sites 671 and 672, Barbados Ridge Accretionary Complex and Atlantic Abyssal Plain: Paleoenvironmental and Diagenetic Implications
X. Capet, H. Chamley, C. Beck, and T. Holtzapffel

7. Clay Diagenesis in the Barbados Accretionary Complex: Potential Impact on Hydrology and Subduction Dynamics
J. Schoonmaker Tribble

8. Morphology, Microphysiography, Sedimentary, and Biology Patterns of Surficial Deposits in the South Barbados Prism: Record of Recent and Present Active Tectonics
J.C. Faugères, E. Gonthier, R. Griboulard, D. Jollivet, and G. Vernette


9. Cenozoic Calcareous Nannofossils from the Lesser Antilles Forearc Region and Biostratigraphic Summary of Leg 110
M.W. Clark

10. Deep-Water Pliocene–Pleistocene Foraminifers and Oceanography (Lesser Antilles Forearc), Leg 110, Site 672
M.W. Clark


11. Interstitial Water Chemistry—Major Constituents
J.M. Gieskes, G. Blanc, P. Vrolijk, H. Elderfield, and R. Barnes

12. Bulk Chemical Analysis of Sediments—Hole 671B
Y.-C. Wang, J.M. Gieskes, and L. Musoke

13. Stable Isotope Ratios of Interstitial Fluids from the Northern Barbados Accretionary Prism, ODP Leg 110
P. Vrolijk, S.R. Chambers, J.M. Gieskes, and J.R. O’Neil


14. Mechanisms of Accretion and Subsequent Thickening in the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Complex: Balanced Cross Sections across the Wedge Toe
K.M. Brown, A. Mascle, and J.H. Behrmann

15. Genesis and Evolution of Small-Scale Structures in the Toe of the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Wedge
K.M. Brown and J. Behrmann

16. Backscatter SEM Imagery of Fine-Grained Sediments from Site 671, Leg 110—Preliminary Results
D.J. Prior and J.H. Behrmann

17. Grain Fabric Measured Using Magnetic Susceptibility Anisotropy in Deformed Sediments of the Barbados Accretionary Prism: Leg 110
M.W. Hounslow


18. Strength and Deformation Behavior of Sediment from the Lesser Antilles Forearc Accretionary Prism
K. Moran and H.A. Christian

19. Sediment Consolidation and Permeability at the Barbados Forearc (see chapter correction)
E. Taylor and J. Leonard

20. Diagenesis and Dewatering of Clay-Rich Sediments, Barbados Accretionary Prism
R. Wilkens, P. Mclellan, K. Moran, J. Schoonmaker Tribble, E. Taylor, and E. Verduzco

21. Fluid Flow within the Barbados Ridge Complex, Part I: Dewatering within the Toe of the Prism
E.J. Screaton, D.R. Wuthrich, and S.J. Dreiss

22. Fluid Flow within the Barbados Ridge Complex, Part II: Permeability Estimates and Numerical Simulations of Flow Velocities and Pore Pressures
D.R. Wuthrich, E.J. Screaton, and S.J. Dreiss


23. Heat Flow through the Toe of the Barbados Accretionary Complex
A.T. Fisher and M.W. Hounslow

24. A Magnetic Susceptibility Stratigraphy for Pleistocene and Pliocene Sediments in the Vicinity of the Barbados Ridge
M.W. Hounslow

25. Remanent Magnetization of Sediments Undergoing Deformation in the Barbados Accretionary Prism: ODP Leg 110
M.W. Hounslow, P.A. Bootes, and G. Whyman


26. Hydrogeochemistry, ODP Leg 110: an Overview
J.M. Gieskes, P. Vrolijk, and G. Blanc

27. ODP Leg 110: Tectonic and Hydrologic Synthesis
A. Mascle and J.C. Moore

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Scientific Results: Volume 110: Chapter 1: Figure 1. Map showing the location of wide-aperture seismic reflection lines across the Barbados Ridge.

Scientific Results: Volume 110: Chapter 27: Figure 1. Location of Leg 110 in relation to the structural framework of the southeastern Caribbean and the eastern Barbados Ridge.


Chapter 9, Tables 1–5.
Table 1. Distribution of nannofossil species in Hole 671B, parts 1–3.
Table 2. Distribution of nannofossil species in Hole 672A, parts 1–2.
Table 3. Distribution of nannofossil species in Hole 673B.
Table 4. Distribution of nannofossil species in Hole 674A.
Table 5. Distribution of nannofossil species in Hole 676A.

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