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1. The Volcanic Record of the Réunion Hotspot
R.A. Duncan

2. Major and Trace Element Variations in Basalts from Leg 115
A.N. Baxter

3. Primary Mineralogy of Leg 115 Basalts
M.R. Fisk and K.J. Howard

4. 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Basement Rocks from the Mascarene Plateau, the Chagos Bank, and the Maldives Ridge
R.A. Duncan and R.B. Hargraves

5. Isotope Geochemistry of Leg 115 Basalts and Inferences on the History of the Réunion Mantle Plume
W.M. White, M.M. Cheatham, and R.A. Duncan

6. Geochemical Stratification in the Upper Mantle: Evidence from Leg 115 Basalts in the Indian Ocean
Y. Tatsumi and S. Nohda

7. Distribution of Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Iridium in Leg 115 Hotspot Basalts: Implications for Magmatic Processes
J.D. Greenough and B.J. Fryer

8. Geochemical Effects of Alteration on Mafic Rocks from Indian Ocean Site 706
J.D. Greenough, B.J. Fryer, and P.T. Robinson

9. Geochemistry of Secondary Carbonates in Leg 115 Basalts: Tracers of Basalt/Seawater Interaction
S.J. Burns, P.K. Swart, and P.A. Baker

10. Magnetic Properties, Iron-Titanium Oxides, and Petrology of Four Leg 115 Basalts
R.B. Hargraves

11. Paleomagnetism of Leg 115 Basement Rocks and Latitudinal Evolution of the Réunion Hotspot
D. Vandamme and V. Courtillot

12. Radiometric Age and Paleomagnetic Results from Seychelles Dikes
R.B. Hargraves and R.A. Duncan

13. Subsidence History of Basement Sites and Sites along a Carbonate Dissolution Profile, Leg 115
G.R. Simmons


14. Quaternary and Paleogene Calcareous Nannofossils, Leg 115
H. Okada

15. Late Oligocene through Early Pleistocene Calcareous Nannofossils from Western Equatorial Indian Ocean (Leg 115)
D. Rio, E. Fornaciari, and I. Raffi

16. Quantitative Distribution Patterns of Oligocene and Miocene Calcareous Nannofossils from the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean
E. Fornaciari, I. Raffi, D. Rio, G. Villa, J. Backman, and G. Olafsson

17. Time-Progressive Morphometric Changes of the Genus Gephyrocapsa in the Quaternary Sequence of the Tropical Indian Ocean, Site 709
H. Matsuoka and H. Okada

18. Neogene Low-Latitude Magnetostratigraphy from Site 710 and Revised Age Estimates of Miocene Nannofossil Datum Events
J. Backman, D.A. Schneider, D. Rio, and H. Okada

19. Paleogene Planktonic Foraminifer Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental Remarks on Paleogene Sediments from Indian Ocean Sites, Leg 115
I. Premoli Silva and S. Spezzaferri

20. Late Oligocene to Late Pliocene Benthic Foraminifers from Depth Traverses in the Central Indian Ocean
A. Boersma

21. Paleogene Shallow-Water Larger Foraminifers from Holes 714A and 715A, Leg 115, Indian Ocean
A. Nicora and I. Premoli Silva

22. Radiolarian Biostratigraphy in the Central Indian Ocean, Leg 115
D.A. Johnson

23. Cenozoic Diatom Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanography of the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean
N. Mikkelsen

24. Eocene–Oligocene Diatoms in the Western Indian Ocean: Taxonomy, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology
J. Fenner and N. Mikkelsen


25. Late Cenozoic Carbonate Accumulation and the History of the Carbonate Compensation Depth in the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean
L.C. Peterson and J. Backman

26. Carbonate Accumulation in the Indian Ocean during the Pliocene: Evidence for a Change in Productivity and Preservation at about 2.4 Ma
W.B. Curry, J.L. Cullen, and J. Backman

27. Miocene Benthic Foraminifer Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes, Site 709, Indian Ocean
F. Woodruff, S.M. Savin, and L. Abel

28. Pliocene Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of Hole 709C
N.J. Shackleton and M.A. Hall

29. Pliocene-Pleistocene Aragonite Cyclic Variations in Holes 714A and 716B (the Maldives) Compared with Hole 633A (the Bahamas): Records of Climate-Induced CaCO3 Preservation at Intermediate Water Depths
A.W. Droxler, G.A. Haddad, D.A. Mucciarone, and J.L. Cullen

30. Late Quaternary Variations in Planktonic Foraminifer Faunas and Pteropod Preservation in the Equatorial Indian Ocean
J.L. Cullen and A.W. Droxler

31. Miocene-Age Primary Productivity Episodes and Oxygen Minima in the Central Equatorial Indian Ocean
A. Boersma and N. Mikkelsen

32. Preliminary Assessment of Cyclic Variations in Foraminifers, Barite, and Cadmium/Calcium Ratios in Early Pleistocene Sediments from Hole 709C (Equatorial Indian Ocean)
J.E. Andrews, B.M. Funnell, T.D. Jickells, N.J. Shackleton, J.E. Swallow, A.C. Williams, and K.A. Young

33. Evidence for Dissolution and Sorting of Planktonic Foraminifers in Pleistocene Sediments at Hole 708A
G. Vilks and D. Buckley


34. Pore-Water Chemistry and Carbonate Diagenesis in Sediments from Leg 115: Indian Ocean
P.K. Swart and S.J. Burns

35. Geochemistry of Periplatform Carbonate Sediments, Leg 115, Site 716 (Maldives Archipelago, Indian Ocean)
M.J. Malone, P.A. Baker, S.J. Burns, and P.K. Swart

36. Minor Element and Stable Isotopic Composition of the Carbonate Fine Fraction: Site 709, Indian Ocean
P.A. Baker, M.J. Malone, S.J. Burns, and P.K. Swart

37. Carbonate-Free Sediment Components and Aspects of Silica Diagenesis at Sites 707, 709, and 711(Leg 115, Western Indian Ocean)
P. Hempel and G. Bohrmann

38. Geochemistry and Origin of Neogene Sediments in Hole 711A
K. Boström and J. Backman

39. Cerium Anomalies in Western Indian Ocean Cenozoic Carbonates, Leg 115
Y.-G. Liu and R.A. Schmitt


40. Paleomagnetism of Leg 115 Sediments: Implications for Neogene Magnetostratigraphy and Paleolatitude of the Réunion Hotspot
D.A. Schneider and D.V. Kent

41. Applications for Whole-Core Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Deep-Sea Sediments: Leg 115 Results
S.G. Robinson

42. Porosity and Velocity vs. Depth and Effective Stress in Carbonate Sediments
M.T. Hurley and P. Hempel


43. Site Survey Results from the Mascarene Plateau
M.R. Fisk, R.A. Duncan, and A.N. Baxter

44. Chemistry of Basalt Alteration from Leg 115
M.R. Fisk and K.J. Howard

45. Neogene Planktonic Foraminifers from the Western Tropical Indian Ocean, Leg 115
E. Vincent and M. Toumarkine

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Scientific Results: Volume 115: Chapter 15:
Table 5. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 707A
Table 11. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 709C
Table 12. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 710A
Table 13. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 710B
Table 16. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 708A
Table 20. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 711B
Table 21. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 712A
Table 22. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 713A
Table 25. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 714A
Table 28. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil taxa at Hole 715A

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