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1. Introduction to the Scientific Results of Leg 125
P. Fryer and J.A. Pearce


2. Late Miocene (CN9b Subzone) to Holocene Calcareous Nannofossils from the Western and Northwestern Pacific Ocean, Leg 125
G. Ciampo

3. Middle Eocene to Miocene Calcareous Nannofossils of Leg 125 from the Western Pacific Ocean
Y. Xu and S.W. Wise, Jr.

4. Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene Foraminifers from the Izu-Bonin Forearc, Hole 786A
G.J. Milner

5. Middle Miocene to Upper Quaternary Diatom Biostratigraphy of the Izu-Bonin/Mariana Region, East Pacific Ocean
B. Stabell

6. Neogene and Quaternary Radiolarians from Leg 125
Y. Wang and Q. Yang


7. X-Ray Mineralogy and Geochemical Studies of Sediments, Leg 125 Sites 781 through 784 and 786
D. Heling, A. Schwarz, and D. Garbe-Schönberg

8. Volatile Contents of Izu-Bonin Forearc Volcanic Glasses
S. Newman and S. van der Laan


9. Igneous Stratigraphy and Major Element Geochemistry of Holes 786A and 786B (see chapter correction)
R.J. Arculus, J.A. Pearce, B. Murton, and S. van der Laan

10. Petrography, Mineral Chemistry, and Phase Relations of the Basement Boninite Series of Site 786, Izu-Bonin Forearc
S. van der Laan, R.J. Arculus, J.A. Pearce, and B.J. Murton

11. K-Ar Dating of Samples from Sites 782 and 786 (Leg 125): The Izu-Bonin Forearc Region
J.G. Mitchell, D.W. Peate, B.J. Murton, J.A. Pearce, R.J. Arculus, and S. van der Laan

12. Trace-Element Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from Site 786: The Izu-Bonin Forearc
B.J. Murton, D.W. Peate, R.J. Arculus, J.A. Pearce, and S. van der Laan

13. Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of Boninites and Related Rocks Drilled in the Izu-Bonin (Osagawara) Forearc, Leg 125
J.A. Pearce, M.F. Thirlwall, G. Ingram, B.J. Murton, R.J. Arculus, and S. van der Laan

14. The Constructional and Deformational History of the Igneous Basement Penetrated at Site 786
Y. Lagabrielle, J.-P. Sizun, and R.J. Arculus

15. Major Element Geochemistry of Ashes from Sites 782, 784, and 786 in the Bonin Forearc
R. Arculus and A.L. Bloomfield

16. Pleistocene Volcanic Rocks in the Mariana Forearc Revealed by Drilling at Site 781
M.S. Marlow, L.E. Johnson, J.A. Pearce, P.B. Fryer, L.G. Pickthorn, and B.J. Murton


17. Iowaite in Serpentinite Muds at Sites 778, 779, 780, and 784: A Possible Cause for the Low Chlorinity of Pore Waters
D. Heling and A. Schwarz

18. Mineralogical and Geochemical Analyses of Sedimentary Serpentinites from Conical Seamount (Hole 788A): Implication for the Evolution of Serpentine Seamounts
Y. Lagabrielle, A.-M. Karpoff, and J. Cotten

19. Lithology, Mineralogy, and Origin of Serpentine Muds Recovered from Conical and Torishima Forearc Seamounts: Results of Leg 125 Drilling
P. Fryer and M.J. Mottl

20. Rheology of Serpentinite Muds in the Mariana-Izu-Bonin Forearc
S.P. Phipps and D. Ballotti

21. Pore Waters from Serpentinite Seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Bonin Forearcs, Leg 125: Evidence for Volatiles from the Subducting Slab
M.J. Mottl

22. Short-Chain Organic Acids in Interstitial Waters from Mariana and Bonin Forearc Serpentines: Leg 125
J.A. Haggerty and J.B. Fisher

23. Strontium Isotopic Composition of the Interstitial Waters from Leg 125: Mariana and Bonin Forearcs
J.A. Haggerty and S. Chaudhuri

24. Mafic Clasts in Serpentinite Seamounts: Petrology and Geochemistry of a Diverse Crustal Suite from the Outer Mariana Forearc
L.E. Johnson

25. Metamorphic Rocks from the Serpentinite Seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Ogasawara Forearcs (see chapter correction)
H. Maekawa, M. Shozui, T. Ishii, K.L. Saboda, and Y. Ogawa

26. Metamorphism of Ultramafic Clasts from Conical Seamount: Sites 778, 779, and 780
K.L. Saboda, P. Fryer, and H. Maekawa

27. Petrological Studies of Peridotites from Diapiric Serpentinite Seamounts in the Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana Forearc, Leg 125
T. Ishii, P.T. Robinson, H. Maekawa, and R. Fiske

28. Trace Element Geochemistry of Peridotites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc, Leg 125
I.J. Parkinson, J.A. Pearce, M.F. Thirlwall, K.T.M. Johnson, and G. Ingram

29. Palladium, Platinum, and Gold Distribution in Serpentinite Seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Bonin Forearcs: Evidence from Leg 125 Fluids and Serpentinites
I.J. Parkinson, G.E.M. Hall, and J.A. Pearce

30. Deformation History of Peridotites from Mariana Forearc, Conical Seamount, Leg 125
J. Girardeau and Y. Lagabrielle


31. Paleomagnetic Data from Holes 782A, 784A, and 786A, Leg 125
R.B. Haston, L.B. Stokking, and J. Ali

32. Magnetostratigraphy of Sites 782, 783, 784, and 786, Izu-Bonin Outer Forearc, Western Pacific
J.R. Ali, R.B. Haston, and L.B. Stokking

33. Rock Magnetic Studies of Serpentinite Seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Bonin Regions
L.B. Stokking, D.L. Merrill, R.B. Haston, J.R. Ali, and K.L. Saboda

34. Seismic Properties of Serpentinized Peridotite from the Mariana Forearc
D.M. Ballotti, N.I. Christensen, and K. Becker

35. Comparison of Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data to a Synthetic Seismogram and Lithology of Site 786
M.S. Marlow, E.L. Geist, M.A. Hobart, G.F. Moore, and B. Taylor


36. A Synthesis of Leg 125 Drilling of Serpentinite Seamounts on the Mariana and Izu-Bonin Forearcs
P. Fryer

37. Biostratigraphic Summary, Leg 125
B. Stabell, J. Ali, G. Ciampo, G. Milner, Y.-J. Wang, and Y. Xu

38. Boninite and Harzburgite from Leg 125 (Bonin-Mariana Forearc): A Case Study of Magma Genesis during the Initial Stages of Subduction
J.A. Pearce, S.R. van der Laan, R.J. Arculus, B.J. Murton, T. Ishii, D.W. Peate, and I.J. Parkinson


39. Data Report: Results of Geochemical Well Logging in the Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin, Sites 782 and 786, Leg 125
E.L. Pratson, M. Hobart, and C. Broglia

40. Data Report: Sedimentary Petrology and Provenance of the Izu-Bonin Forearc Sequence, Leg 125
C.A. Rigsby and J. Kekula

41. Data Report: Trace Element Analysis of Clasts and Matrix in Sedimentary and Volcaniclastic Breccias at Site 786
C.A. Rigsby

42. Data Report: Minor and Trace Element and Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Pore Waters from Sites 778 through 786
M.J. Mottl and J.C. Alt

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  Chapter 3, Table 3. Distribution of calcareous nannofossil species, Hole 782A.
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