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1. Grain-Size, Morphological, and Compositional Variations in Igneous Silicates in Medium-Grained Diabase from Hole 504B
H.R. Naslund

2. Downhole Variations in Grain Size at Hole 504B: Implications for Rifting Episodes at Mid-Ocean Ridges
S. Umino

3. Petrology of Chilled Dike Margins Recovered from Hole 504B, Leg 140
A.W. McNeill

4. Effect of Assimilation of Altered Oceanic Crust on Magma Chemistry: An Experimental Study
M.R. Fisk, K.T.M. Johnson, and J.C. Alt

5. Computer Modeling of Major and Trace Element Variations of Hole 504B Diabase and Basalt
H.R. Naslund, J.W. Sparks, and M.R. Fisk


6. Primary and Secondary Variations in Major and Trace Element Geochemistry of the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex: Hole 504B, Leg 140
E. Zuleger, J.C. Alt, and J.A. Erzinger

7. Geochemistry of the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B, Leg 140
J.W. Sparks

8. Stable Isotope Ratios (Oxygen, Hydrogen) and Petrology of Hydrothermally Altered Dolerites at the Bottom of the Sheeted Dike Complex of Hole 504B
P. Agrinier, C. Laverne, and P. Tartarotti

9. Rare Earth and Large-Ion Lithophile (Sr and Ba) Element Geochemistry of Diabase Dikes, Hole 504B, Costa Rica Rift, Leg 140
P.K. Kepezhinskas, N.A. Sorokina, S.A. Mamontova, and A.T. Savichev

10. Distribution of Au and Pd in Basalts and Diabases in Hole 504B, Legs 69 and 140
A.F. Korobeynikov and N.N. Pertsev

11. REE and Trace Element Composition of Clinopyroxene Megacrysts, Xenocrysts, and Phenocrysts in Two Diabase Dikes from Leg 140, Hole 504B
H.J.B. Dick and K.T.M. Johnson

12. Geochemical Characteristics of Refractory Silicate Melt Inclusions from Leg 140 Diabases
K.T.M. Johnson, M.R. Fisk, and H.R. Naslund

13. Borehole Fluid Chemistry in Hole 504B, Leg 137: Formation Water or In-Situ Reaction?
A.J. Magenheim, A.J. Spivack, J.C. Alt, G. Bayhurst, L.-H. Chan, E. Zuleger, and J.M. Gieskes


14. Mineralogy and Stable Isotopic Compositions of the Hydrothermally Altered Lower Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B, Leg 140
J.C. Alt, E. Zuleger, and J.A. Erzinger

15. Chemistry and Geothermometry of Secondary Minerals from the Deep Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B
C. Laverne, D.A. Vanko, P. Tartarotti, and J.C. Alt

16. Fluid Evolution in Oceanic Crustal Layer 2: Fluid Inclusion Evidence from the Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B, Costa Rica Rift
D.S. Kelley, D.A. Vanko, and C. Gu

17. Platinum Group Element (PGE) Concentrations in a Sheeted Dike Complex and Geochemical Changes during Alteration of the Lowermost Part of a 2-km-Thick Oceanic Crust, Hole 504B
M.P. Gorton, E.S. Schandl, and A.J. Naldrett

18. Phyllosilicate Alteration of Olivine in the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex, Leg 140, Hole 504B
E.S. Schandl and M.P. Gorton


19. Microstructural Controls on Strain Localization in Ocean Crust Diabases: Evidence from Hole 504B
S.M. Agar and F.C. Marton

20. Vein Formation Mechanisms in the Sheeted Dike Complex from Hole 504B
P. Tartarotti, S.A. Allerton, and C. Laverne

21. Structures and Magnetic Fabrics from the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex of Hole 504B Reoriented Using Stable Magnetic Remanence
S.A. Allerton, A.W. McNeill, L.B. Stokking, J.E. Pariso, P. Tartarotti, F.C. Marton, and N.N. Pertsev

22. Rock Magnetism and Magnetic Mineralogy of a 1-km Section of Sheeted Dikes, Hole 504B
J.E. Pariso, L.B. Stokking, and S. Allerton

23. Origin of the Natural Remanent Magnetism of Sheeted Dikes in Hole 504B Cored during Legs 137 and 140
S. Allerton, J.E. Pariso, L.B. Stokking, and E. McClelland


24. Physical Properties and Elastic Constants of Upper Crustal Rocks from Core-Log Measurements in Hole 504B
G.J. Iturrino, N.I. Christensen, K. Becker, L.O. Boldreel, P.K.H. Harvey, and P. Pezard

25. Borehole Televiewer Data Analysis of Hole 504B from Legs 137 and 140
A. Krammer, P. Pezard, P.K.H. Harvey, and K. Fuchs

26. The Sheeted Dike Complex in Hole 504B: Observations from the Integration of Core and Log Data
P.K.H. Harvey, P. Pezard, G.J. Iturrino, L.O. Boldreel, and M.A. Lovell

27. Lithostratigraphy, Fracturing, and Fluid Flow in the Upper Oceanic Crust
L.O. Boldreel, P.K.H. Harvey, P. Pezard, and G.J. Iturrino

28. Heat Flow in the Upper Part of the Oceanic Crust: Synthesis of In-Situ Temperature Measurements in Hole 504B
R. Gable, R. Morin, K. Becker, and P. Pezard


29. Data Report: Magnetic Mineralogy, Major- and Trace-Element Geochemistry, and Rock Magnetic Properties of Hole 504B Upper Crustal Rocks
L.B. Stokking, E.A. Heise, J.E. Pariso, and S.A. Allerton

30. Data Report: Geochemical Logging Results from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Hole 504B
E.L. Pratson, C. Broglia, P. Pezard, and P.K.H. Harvey

31. Data Report: Mechanical Behavior of Basalt from Costa Rica Rift, Hole 504B, Leg 137
B. Christaras

32. Data Report: Chemical Analyses of the Leg 140 Reference Sample
J.W. Sparks and E. Zuleger

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