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Preliminary Pages (Volume cited by)

The Rift-to-Drift Development of the West Iberia Nonvolcanic Continental Margin: A Summary and Review of the Contribution of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 173 (PDFCited by)
R.B. Whitmarsh and P.J. Wallace
Publication date: 22 May 2001

1. Data Report: Downcore Variation of Site 1068 Breccia Matrix Mineralogy (PDFCited by)
Kristen E.K. St. John
Publication date: 3 October 2000

2. Occurrence and Composition of Tochilinite and Related Minerals in Site 1068 Serpentinites  (PDFCited by)
James S. Beard
Publication date: 13 October 2000

3. Data Report: Measurements of Radiogenic Heat Production on Basement Samples from Sites 1067 and 1068 (PDFCited by)
K.E. Louden, R.B. Whitmarsh, and J.-C. Mareschal
Publication date: 20 December 2000

4. Eocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy and Sediment Accumulation of Turbidite Sequences on the Iberia Abyssal Plain, ODP Sites 1067–1069 (PDFCited by)
Kristeen L. McGonigal and Sherwood W. Wise Jr.
Publication date: 30 April 2001

5. Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene Sediments from Leg 173, Iberia Abyssal Plain, Sites 1067–1069 (PDFCited by)
Bryan C. Ladner and Sherwood W. Wise Jr.
Publication date: 16 May 2001

6. Data Report: Lithology and Microfacies of Late Cretaceous to Early Tertiary Turbidites from Sites 1068 and 1069 (PDFCited by)
Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams
Publication date: 1 May 2001

7. Jurassic Calcareous Nannofossils from Prerift Sediments Drilled during ODP Leg 173, Iberia Abyssal Plain, and Their Implications for Rift Tectonics (PDFCited by)
Andrea Concheryo and Sherwood W. Wise Jr.
Publication date: 18 May 2001

8. Data Report: Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Characterization of Rocks Recovered from Leg 173 Sites (PDFCited by)
Xixi Zhao, Brent D. Turrin, Mike Jackson, and Peter Solheid
Publication date: 25 May 2001

9. Campanian to Miocene Planktonic Foraminifers from the Iberia Abyssal Plain (PDFCited by)
Elspeth Urquhart
Publication date: 6 June 2001

10. Whole-Rock Geochemistry of Amphibolites and Metagabbros from the West Iberia Margin, Leg 173 (PDFCited by)
Susan Smith Nagihara and John F. Casey
Publication date: 10 July 2001

11. Magnetostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Cenozoic Sediments Recovered from the Iberia Abyssal Plain (PDFCited by)
Xixi Zhao, Bryan C. Ladner, Kristeen Roessig, Sherwood W. Wise Jr., and Elspeth Urquhart
Publication date: 18 July 2001

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