Volume 176 Initial Reports

30 June 1999
ISSN 1096-2158

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Preliminary Page (Volume cited by)

Contents: Chapters

1. Leg 176 Summary (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

2. Explanatory Notes (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 735 (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Bathymetry of Atlantis Bank—Atlantis II Fracture Zone: Southwest Indian Ridge (oversized map) (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

Contents: Core Descriptions

Digital images and visual core descriptions (VCDs) are included in this section. VCDs and smear-slide data tables are combined into one PDF file for each site. Smear-slide data tables in an ASCII format are also included on the ASCII TABLES page.

Site 735

Visual Core Descriptions:

176-735B-89R through 126R
176-735B-127R through 155R
176-735B-156R through 180R
176-735B-181R through 210R

Thin Sections

Contents: ASCII Tables

This CD-ROM contains ASCII versions of some of the data tables presented in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3, Site 735

Table T14. Magnetic susceptibility downhole for Hole 735B.
Table T15. Sample bulk and grain densities for Hole 735B.
Table T17. Thermal conductivities for samples from Hole 735B.
Table T18. Compressional velocity downhole for Hole 735B.
Table T19. Resistivity measurements for Hole 735B.

Contents: Supplementary Materials

The supplementary materials are divided into two directories, APPENDIX and PHOTOMIC (links to directories to choose and copy files).

The APPENDIX directory contains linked and independent spreadsheets of Leg 176 igneous data. For detailed information on the spreadsheets, see "Appendix," p. 31, in the "Leg 176 Summary" chapter. For detailed information about the linked spreadsheets, see "Linked Spreadsheets," p. 8, in the "Explanatory Notes" chapter. These files were created in Microsoft Excel 5.0 (.XLS extension) and ASCII (.TXT extension).

The PHOTOMIC directory contains the individual photomicrographs, a photomicrograph log, a set of rulers, and axioscope and binocular scales. A readme file is included. These files were created in Microsoft Excel 5.0 (.XLS extension), Adobe Illustrator 6.0 (.AI extension), Canvas 3.5 (.CVS extension), and TIF format (.TIF).

The files can be copied to a local hard drive and opened in various applications. Some files are Macintosh application files.

APPENDIX Click to open directory. Choose files and copy to a local hard drive.

CORESUMM (Complete coring summary)

CURATION (Curation spreadsheets)
  PIECELOG.XLS (Piece length log)
  SECTNLOG.XLS (Section depth log)
  TS_LOG.XLS (Thin section log)

DPTHSMTH (Depth log)
    DEPTHS.XLA (Excel add-in function)
    DEPTHS.XLS (Depth log)
    MACDEPTH.XLS (Depth log with macro)
    SMOOTEST.XLS (Smoothing algorithm)
    SMOOTH.XLA (Excel add-in function; Note: may not operate in all software versions.)
    SMOOTH.XLS (Smoothing algorithm)

IGNEOUS (Lithology and contact reference log)
  176GEOCH.XLS (Chemical compositions)
  I_COMM.XLS (Igneous comment log)
  I_LITH.XLS (Igneous lithology log)
  I_MIN.XLS (Mineral log)
  I_OPAQUE.XLS (Oxide log)
  I_TEX.XLS (Mineral texture log)
  I_VEIN.XLS (Igneous vein log)

METAMORP (Metamorphic petrology spreadsheets)
  BGALTLOG.XLS (Alteration log)
  T_S_LOG.XLS (Thin section log)
  VEIN%DEP.XLS (Core vein percent)
  VEINLOG.XLS (Vein length log)

STRUCTUR (Sructural geology spreadsheets)
 MAC_ONLY (For Macintosh users only)
      app2truedip-68020nofpu (Application program)
      app2truedip-ppc (Application program)
      app2truedip.readme (Readme file)
      appdip.test.in (Text document)

    LtoPprog Folder
      LinesToPlane (Application program)
      LtoPlane.txt (WriteNow document)
      LtoPtest.dat (Microsoft Word text document)

    app2truedip1.sea (Application program)
    StereoplotXL (Application program)

    CPFABRIC.XLS (Crystal-plastic fabric curatorial data)
    FAULTS.XLS (Fault curatorial data)
    INTENSTY.XLS (Microfracture intensity data)
    MAGMATIC.XLS (Magmatic fabric data)
    PLASTIC.XLS (Crystal-plastic fabric data)
    STRUCLOG.XLS (Structure log)
    VEINDPTH.XLS (Vein depth data)
    VEINS.XLS (Vein curatorial data)
    XCUT.XLS (Cross-cutting relationships)

PHOTOMIC (Photomicrographs) Click to open directory. Choose files and copy to a local hard drive.

    PHOTOLOG (Photomicrograph log)
    PHOTOTIF (102 individual photomicrographs)
    SCALES (Axioscope and binocular scales)

Drilling Locations Maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this leg and maps showing the drilling locations of all Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available.

ODP Leg 176 Site Map
ODP Map (Legs 100–176) (PDF)
DSDP Map (Legs 1–96) (PDF)