F1. General map of Leg 178 with ship track.

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F2. Bathymetric chart of the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin.

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F3. Schematic figure of tectonic and glacial elements of Antarctic Peninsula margin.

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F4. Graph and maps of ice-sheet size and location at mean sea-level temperatures.

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F5. Sequence model of deposition on shelf and slope through a glacial cycle.

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F6. Schematic drawing of the processes active during glacial half-cycles.

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F7. Part of MCS reflection profile I95-137 across Site 1095.

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F8. Depth-age profile determined from geomagnetic reversals and diatom and radiolarian datums.

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F9. Lithostratigraphic, magnetostratigraphic, and biostratigraphic findings at sediment drift sites.

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F10. Part of MCS reflection profile I95-130A across Site 1096.

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F11. Depth-age relationship for Site 1096 based on geomagnetic reversals and diatom and radiolarian datums.

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F12. Part of MCS reflection profile IT92-114 across Site 1101; seismic stratigraphic record at proposed sites APRIS-05A and 06A.

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F13. Depth-age profile determined from geomagnetic reversals and diatom and calcareous nannofossil datums, Site 1101.

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F14. Biostratigraphic findings in continental rise sites.

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F15. Location of Site 1097 on single-channel seismic reflection profile PD88-04.

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F16. Summary of facies recovered at Site 1097.

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F17. Continental shelf transect (Sites 1100, 1102, and 1103).

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F18. Simplified lithostratigraphy at Site 1103.

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F19. Bathymetry and location of site-survey seismic reflection profiles on Palmer Deep.

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F20. GI air gun seismic profile I97H-228G across Palmer Deep sites, Basins I and III.

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F21. Lithostratigraphic columns for Site 1098.

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F22. Lithostratigraphic columns for Site 1099.

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F23. Relative abundances of chlorite, illite, and mixed-layer clays from Sites 1095, 1096, 1097, and 1101.

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F24. Downhole logs from Hole 1103A with core measurements.

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F25. Biostratigraphic summary of shelf sites with seismic correlation.

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F26. Magnetostratigraphic summary for continental rise sites.

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T1. Leg 178 coring summary.


M1. QuickTime video (shelf seabed).


AF1. Seismic reflection profiles crossing sites drilled during Leg 178.

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