Figures F1-F11
Table T1

F1. Xenolith of fresh spinifex-textured basalt and xenolith of altered spinifex rock.

F2. Photomicrograph of spinifex-textured xenolith.

F3. Higher-magnification view of spinifex-textured xenolith.

F4. Detail of a radiating pyroxene cluster in spinifex rock.

F5. Vesicle lined by simply twinned plagioclase laths.

F6. Contact between spinifex-textured xenolith and dacite host.

F7. Network of cristobalite-anhydrite-(pyrite) veins.

F8. Fine-grained intergrowths of pyrite, chloritic clay, and minor anhydrite.

F9. Contact between altered spinifex-textured xenolith and altered dacite host.

F10. Diagrams illustrating mass changes during alteration.

F11. Chondrite-normalized REE profiles.

Table T1

T1. Compositions of spinifex-textured xenoliths and their hosts.

Figures F1-F11
Table T1