Figures F1-F11
Tables T1-T8

F1. Graphic symbols for three main sediment and rock categories and basement.

F2. Dunham (1962) classification of limestones.

F3. Udden-Wentworth grain-size classification.

F4. Classification scheme used for siliciclastic sediments.

F5. Visual core description sheet.

F6. Completed core description form.

F7. Graphic symbols used in barrel sheets.

F8. Planktonic foraminifer ages.

F9. Magnetic orientation convention.

F10. Schematic illustration of tool string configurations.

F11. LDEO multisensor gamma ray tool.

Tables T1-T8

T1. Comparison of core barrels.

T2. Checklist for visual core description forms.

T3. Biostratigraphic ranges.

T4. Benthic foraminifers.

T5. Paleoenvironmental constituents and characteristics.

T6. Thermal conductivity.

T7. Specifications of logging tools.

T8. Logging tool acronyms and units of measurement.

Figures F1-F11
Tables T1-T8