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  1. Leg 207 Synthesis: Extreme Warmth, Organic-Rich Sediments, and an Active Deep Biosphere: Cretaceous–Paleogene Paleoceanographic Depth Transect at Demerara Rise, Western Tropical Atlantic (PDFCited by)
David C. Mosher, Jochen Erbacher, and Mitch Malone
Publication date: 20 April 2007
  2. Sediment Composition and Cyclicity in the Mid-Cretaceous at Demerara Rise, ODP Leg 207 (PDFCited by)
Alexandra J. Nederbragt, Jürgen Thurow, and Richard Pearce
Publication date: 24 April 2007

3. Campanian through Eocene Magnetostratigraphy of Sites 1257–1261, ODP Leg 207, Demerara Rise (Western Equatorial Atlantic) (PDFCited by)
Yusuke Suganuma and James G. Ogg
Publication date: 14 March 2006

4. Data Report: Silicoflagellates Recovered from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 207, Sites 1257 and 1258 (PDFCited by)
Christopher P. Power and Kevin McCartney
Publication date: 7 March 2007

5. Data Report: Survey of Diatoms in Ocean Drilling Program Leg 207, Sites 1257 and 1258: Demerara Rise, Western Atlantic (PDFCited by)
Andrew M. Gombos Jr.

Publication date: 9 March 2007

  6. Data Report: Stable Isotope Ratios of Foraminifers from ODP Leg 207 Sites 1257, 1258, and 1260 and a Cleaning Procedure for Foraminifers in Organic-Rich Shales (PDFCited by)
Karen L. Bice and Richard D. Norris
Publication date: 22 July 2005

7. Data Report: Stable Isotopic Ratios in Bulk Carbonate from Upper Campanian and Maastrichtian Samples (Demerara Rise, Western Tropical North Atlantic) (PDFCited by)
Kenneth G. MacLeod
Publication date: 28 November 2006

8. Inorganic Geochemical Characterization of Lithologic Units Recovered during ODP Leg 207 (Demerara Rise) (PDFCited by)
Almut Hetzel, Hans-Jürgen Brumsack, Bernhard Schnetger, and Michael E. Böttcher
Publication date: 14 December 2006

9. Sulfur-Iron-Carbon Geochemistry in Sediments of the Demerara Rise (PDFCited by)
Michael E. Böttcher, Almut Hetzel,
Hans-Jürgen Brumsack, and Andrea Schipper
Publication date: 17 November 2006

10. Data Report: Iron Isotope Geochemistry of Mid-Cretaceous Organic-Rich Sediments at Demerara Rise (ODP Leg 207) (PDFCited by)
Robin E. Clayton, Alexandra J. Nederbragt, Dmitry Malinovsky, Per Andersson, and Jürgen Thurow
Publication date: 17 January 2007

11. Data Report: Organic Carbon, Total Nitrogen, Carbonate Carbon, and Carbonate Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Albian to Santonian Black Shales from Sites 1257–1261 on the Demerara Rise (PDFCited by)
Philip A. Meyers and Stefano M. Bernasconi
Publication date: 6 November 2006


12. Data Report: Intact Membrane Lipids as Indicators of Subsurface Life in Cretaceous and Paleogene Sediments from Sites 1257 and 1258 (PDFCited by)
Helen F. Fredricks and Kai-Uwe Hinrichs
Publication date: 8 March 2007

13. Data Report: Microbiological AODC and CARD-FISH Analysis of Black Shale Samples from the Demerara Rise, ODP Leg 207 (PDFCited by)
Axel Schippers and Lev N. Neretin
Publication date: 24 April 2006

14. Data Report: Log-Adjusted Depth Scales for Cretaceous Black Shale Deposits from Demerara Rise (PDFCited by)
Matt O’Regan
Publication date: 23 April 2007

15. Compressibility, Permeability, and Stress History of Sediments from Demerara Rise (PDFCited by)
Matt O’Regan and Kate Moran
Publication date: 16 May 2007

  16. Data Report: Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Interstitial Water, Demerara Rise (PDFCited by)
Mitchell J. Malone and Niall Slowey
Publication date: 16 August 2007
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