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Contents: Chapters
  1. Leg 208 Synthesis: Cenozoic Climate Cycles and Excursions (PDFCited by)
Dick Kroon, James C. Zachos, and Leg 208 Scientific Party
Publication date: 16 April 2007
  2. Data Report: Terrigenous Grain-Size Distributions at Sites 1263 and 1267: Testing the Applicability of Leg 208 Sediments for Eolian Analysis (PDFCited by)
Micah J. Nicolo and Gerald R. Dickens
Publication date: 7 December 2006

3. Data Report: Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 208 Hole 1266C (PDFCited by)
Simonetta Monechi and Eugenia Angori
Publication date: 6 December 2006

4. Data Report: Revised Magnetostratigraphy and Magnetic Mineralogy of Sediments from Walvis Ridge, Leg 208 (PDFCited by)
Julie Bowles
Publication date: 30 October 2006

  5. Data Report: Stable Carbon Isotope Fluctuation of Long-Chain n-Alkanes from Leg 208 Hole 1263A across the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary (PDFCited by)
Takashi Hasegawa, Shinya Yamamoto, and Lisa M. Pratt
Publication date: 5 December 2006

6. Correlation of High-Resolution Seismic Data with ODP Leg 208 Borehole Measurements (PDFCited by)
Thomas Bartels, Sebastian Krastel, and Volkhard Spiess
Publication date: 17 April 2007

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