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Citation: Blum, P., 1997, Physical properties handbook: a guide to the shipboard measurement of physical properties of deep-sea cores. ODP Tech. Note, 26 [Online]. Available from World Wide Web: <http://www-odp.tamu.edu/publications/tnotes/tn26/INDEX.HTM>. [Cited YYYY-MM-DD]

Contact: Peter Blum


  About this Technical Note
  1. Introduction (PDF)

1.1. Objectives of Physical Properties Measurements
1.2. Physical Properties Laboratory Stations and Sampling
1.3. New Shipboard Data Management Environment
1.4. Physical Properties Standards

  2. Moisture and Density (by mass and volume) (PDF)

2.1. Principles
2.2. Moisture and Density (Mad) System

  3. Gamma-Ray Densiometry (PDF)

3.1. Principles
3.2. MST (Whole-core) GRA System
3.3. Split-Core GRA System

  4. Magnetic Susceptibility (PDF)

4.1. Principles
4.2. Bartington MS2C Logger for Whole Cores (MSL)
4.3. Bartington MS2E1 Point Sensor for Split-Core Logger

  5. Natural Gamma Radiation (PDF)

5.1. Principles
5.2. MST-NGR System

  6. P-Wave Velocity (PDF)

6.1. Principles
6.2. MST (Whole-Core) P-Wave Logger (PWL)
6.3. PWS1 and PWS2 Insertion Probe Systems
6.4. PWS3 Contact Probe System

  7. Spectral Reflectance and Colorimetry (PDF)

7.1. Principles
7.2. Minolta CM-2002 System

  8. Thermal Conductivity (PDF)

8.1. Principles
8.2. Thermcon-85 System
8.3. TK04 System

  9. Strength (PDF)

9.1. Principles
9.2. Automated Vane Shear (AVS) System
9.3. Torvane
9.4. Pocket Penetrometer

  References (PDF)

Appendix A. Physical Units

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