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1. X-Ray Techniques and Observations on Distal Bengal Fan Sediments Cored during Leg 116
D.A.V. Stow and M.R. Townsend

2. Biogenic Sedimentary Structures in Outer Bengal Fan Deposits Drilled during Leg 116
A. Wetzel and N.P. Wijayananda

3. Hemiturbidite: A New Type of Deep-Water Sediment
D.A.V. Stow and A. Wetzel

4. Clay Mineralogy of Sediments from the Bengal Fan
G.W. Brass and C.V. Raman

5. Sedimentology and Isotopic Chemistry of the Bengal Fan Sediments: The Denudation of the Himalaya
A. Bouquillon, C. France-Lanord, A. Michard, and J.-J. Tiercelin

6. Mineralogy of Silts from the Bengal Fan
K. Yokoyama, K. Amano, A. Taira, and Y. Saito

7. Fission-Track Analysis of Detrital Apatites from Sites 717 and 718, Leg 116, Central Indian Ocean
J.D. Corrigan and K.D. Crowley

8. 40Ar/39Ar Single-Crystal Dating of Detrital Muscovite and K-Feldspar from Leg 116, Southern Bengal Fan: Implications for the Uplift and Erosion of the Himalayas
P. Copeland, T.M. Harrison, and M.T. Heizler


9. Trace Metals (Ba, Sr, Mn, Cu) in Interstitial Waters, Leg 116
J. Boulègue, A.-M. de Kersabiec, and F. Vidot

10. Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Ratios of Interstitial Waters from an Intraplate Deformation Area: Bengal Fan, Leg 116
J. Boulègue and T. Bariac

11. Carbonate Cements and Fluid Circulation in Intraplate Deformation
J. Boulègue and A. Mariotti

12. Geochemistry of Amino Acids in Interstitial Water, Leg 116
T. Ishizuka, V. Ittekkot, and H. Kawahata

13. Preliminary Data on Dissolved Heavy Metals in Interstitial Water from the Bay of Bengal, Leg 116
T. Ishizuka, Y. Kodama, H. Kawahata, and V. Ittekkot

14. Molecular Composition of Three Sediments from Hole 717C: The Bengal Fan
J. Poynter and G. Eglinton


15. Neogene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy, Leg 116 (Central Indian Ocean)
S. Gartner

16. Benthic Foraminifers and Implications for Intraplate Deformation, Site 717, Distal Bengal Fan
D.B. Scott and G.T. Leger

17. Radiolarians from the Distal Bengal Fan in the Equatorial Indian Ocean
K. Takahashi

18. Distribution Patterns of Neogene Benthic Foraminifers in Sites 717, 718, and 719 (Leg 116)
S. Iaccarino and F. Proto Decima

19. Diatoms at Site 717, Leg 116
I. Kaczmarska

20. Pyritized Diatoms in the Sediments at the Distal End of the Bengal Fan
I. Kaczmarska and J.M. Ehrman

21. Pleistocene Climatic Changes as Deduced from a Pollen Analysis of Site 717 Cores
Y. Yasuda, K. Amano, and T. Yamanoi


22. Kinematics and Mechanics of the Indian Ocean Diffuse Plate Boundary Zone
C.A. Stein, S. Cloetingh, and R. Wortel

23. Compressional Deformation of Oceanic Lithosphere in the Central Indian Ocean: Why It Is Where It Is
G.D. Karner and J.K. Weissel

24. Seismic Refraction Measurements in the Central Indian Basin: Evidence for Crustal Thickening Related to Intraplate Deformation
G.T. Leger and K.E. Louden

25. Sediment Velocities and Deep Structure from Wide-Angle Reflection Data around Leg 116 Sites
J.M. Bull and R.A. Scrutton

26. Magnetic Properties of Black Mud Turbidites from ODP Leg 116, Distal Bengal Fan, Indian Ocean
W.W. Sager and S.A. Hall

27. Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Properties of Sediment Samples from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 116, Central Indian Ocean
S.A. Hall and W.W. Sager

28. Hydrothermal Circulation and Intraplate Deformation: Constraints and Predictions from In-Situ Measurements and Mathematical Models
C.F. Williams


29. Consolidation Characteristics and Permeability of Bengal Fan Sediments Drilled during Leg 116
A. Wetzel

30. Comparison between Laboratory-Determined Physical Properties and Downhole Measurements in Outer Bengal Fan Deposits
A. Wetzel, C. Williams, H. Kassens, G. Leger, and C. Auroux


31. Sediment Facies and Processes on the Distal Bengal Fan, Leg 116
D.A.V. Stow, K. Amano, P.S. Balson, G.W. Brass, J. Corrigan, C.V. Raman, J.-J. Tiercelin, M. Townsend, and N.P. Wijayananda

32. Himalayan Uplift, Sea Level, and the Record of Bengal Fan Sedimentation at the ODP Leg 116 Sites
J.R. Cochran


33. Grain-Size Analysis: Leg 116, Bengal Fan
P.S. Balson and D.A.V. Stow

34. Interstitial Waters Geochemistry, Leg 116
J.J. Boulègue

35. Major-Element Geochemistry and Clay Mineralogy and Their Relationship to Facies Discrimination in Distal Bengal Fan Sediments: Leg 116
S.F. Crowley, D.A.V. Stow, A. Bouquillon, and J.-J. Tiercelin

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Scientific Results: Volume 116: Chapter 30: Figure 4. Physical properties data from downhole logging and laboratory measurements for Site 719 sediments.

Scientific Results: Volume 116: Chapter 30: Figure 5. Physical properties data from downhole logging and laboratory measurements for Site 718 sediments.

Scientific Results: Volume 116: Chapter 31: Interhole correlations among sedimentary layers cored at Sites 717, 718, and 719, Leg 116.

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