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1. Primary Mineralogy of Leg 118 Gabbroic Rocks and Their Place in the Spectrum of Oceanic Mafic Igneous Rocks
R. Hebert, M. Constantin, and P.T. Robinson

2. Textural and Mineralogical Variations in Gabbroic Rocks from Hole 735B
S.H. Bloomer, P.S. Meyer, H.J.B. Dick, K. Ozawa, and J.H. Natland

3. Mineralogy and Textures of Iron-Titanium Oxide Gabbros and Associated Olivine Gabbros from Hole 735B
K. Ozawa, P.S. Meyer, and S.H. Bloomer

4. Magmatic Oxides and Sulfides in Gabbroic Rocks from Hole 735B and the Later Development of the Liquid Line of Descent
J.H. Natland, P.S. Meyer, H.J.B. Dick, and S.H. Bloomer

5. Mineralogy and Isotopic Composition of Sulfur in Layer 3 Gabbros from the Indian Ocean, Hole 735B
J.C. Alt and T.F. Anderson

6. Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Gabbros from Layer 3 of the Indian Ocean Crust, Leg 118, Hole 735B
P.D. Kempton, C.J. Hawkesworth, and M. Fowler

7. Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Sediments, Atlantis II Fracture Zone, Southwest Indian Ocean
E. van der Flier-Keller

8. Metamorphic Stratigraphy of Hole 735B
D. Stakes, C. Mével, M. Cannat, and T. Chaput

9. Fluids in Oceanic Layer 3: Evidence from Veined Rocks, Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge
D.A. Vanko and D.S. Stakes


10. Seismic Stratigraphy in a Transverse Ridge, Atlantis II Fracture Zone
S.A. Swift, H. Hoskins, and R.A. Stephen

11. Seismic Velocities and Elastic Properties of Oceanic Gabbroic Rocks from Hole 735B
G.J. Iturrino, N.I. Christensen, S. Kirby, and M.H. Salisbury

12. Reflectivity Modeling of the Layer 3 Gabbroic Sequence Drilled at the Atlantis II Fracture Zone
G.J. Iturrino and N. Christensen

13. Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurements in Gabbros from Hole 735B
D. Goldberg, M. Badri, and W. Wepfer

14. Fracturing, Alteration, and Permeability: In-Situ Properties in Hole 735B
D. Goldberg, C. Broglia, and K. Becker

15. Statistical Analysis of Geochemical Logging Tool Data from Hole 735B, Atlantis II Fracture Zone, Southwest Indian Ocean
R. Pelling, P.K. Harvey, M.A. Lovell, and D. Goldberg

16. Magnetic Properties of Gabbros from Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge
E. Kikawa and J.E. Pariso

17. A Magnetic Logging Study of Hole 735B Gabbros at the Southwest Indian Ridge
J.E. Pariso, J.H. Scott, E. Kikawa, and H.P. Johnson

18. Electrical Conduction in Oceanic Gabbros, Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge
P.A. Pezard, J.J. Howard, and D. Goldberg

19. In-Situ Bulk Permeability of Oceanic Gabbros in Hole 735B, ODP Leg 118
K. Becker

20. Thermal Modeling for Hole 735B
R.P. Von Herzen and J.H. Scott


21. Tectonic Evolution of the Atlantis II Fracture Zone
H.J.B. Dick, H. Schouten, P.S. Meyer, D.G. Gallo, H. Bergh, R. Tyce, P. Patriat, K.T.M. Johnson, J. Snow, and A. Fisher

22. Plastic Deformation at an Oceanic Spreading Ridge: A Microstructural Study of Site 735 Gabbros (Southwest Indian Ocean)
M. Cannat

23. Partial Reorientation of the Deformational Structures at Site 735 Using Paleodeclination Measurements
M. Cannat and J. Pariso

24. Normal Ductile Shear Zones at an Oceanic Spreading Ridge: Tectonic Evolution of Site 735 Gabbros (Southwest Indian Ocean)
M. Cannat, C. Mével, and D. Stakes

25. Gravels in the Atlantis II Fracture Zone
S.A. Swift

26. Lithostratigraphic Evolution of an In-Situ Section of Oceanic Layer 3
H.J.B. Dick, P.S. Meyer, S. Bloomer, S. Kirby, D. Stakes, and C. Mawer


27. Metamorphism and Alteration in Oceanic Layer 3: Hole 735B
P.T. Robinson, H.J.B. Dick, and R.P. Von Herzen

28. Downhole Measurements and Physical Properties, Hole 735B: Summary and Tectonic Relationships
R.P. Von Herzen, H.J.B. Dick, and P. Robinson

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Chapter 21: Appendix A—Bathymetric map of Atlantis II Fracture Zone

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