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1. Episodic Deposition of Pliocene–Pleistocene Pumice from the Izu-Bonin Arc, Leg 126
A. Nishimura, K.S. Rodolfo, A. Koizumi, J. Gill, and K. Fujioka

2. Correlation of Quaternary Tephras throughout the Izu-Bonin Areas
K. Fujioka, A. Nishimura, Y. Matsuo, and K.S. Rodolfo

3. Tephras of the Izu-Bonin Forearc (Sites 787, 792, and 793)
K. Fujioka, Y. Matsuo, A. Nishimura, M. Koyama, and K.S. Rodolfo

4. Sedimentology of Deep-Water Volcaniclastics, Oligocene Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin, Based on Formation Microscanner Images
R.N. Hiscott, A. Colella, P. Pezard, M.A. Lovell, and A. Malinverno

5. Textural Characteristics of Oligocene Submarine Debris-Flow Deposits, Sites 792 and 793
K.S. Rodolfo, A.T. Arguden, and R.U. Solidum

6. Diagenetic and Hydrothermal Mineral Alteration Observed in Izu-Bonin Deep-Sea Sediments, Leg 126
K. Tazaki and W.S. Fyfe

7. Hydrothermal Manganese Minerals in Leg 126 Cores
A. Usui

8. Diagenetic Trends in Leg 126 Sandstones
K.M. Marsaglia and K. Tazaki

9. Petrography and Provenance of Volcaniclastic Sands Recovered from the Izu-Bonin Arc, Leg 126
K.M. Marsaglia

10. Composition of Heavy Minerals from Sands and Sandstones of the Izu-Bonin Arc, Leg 126
K. Fujioka and S. Saito

11. Glass Inclusions with Microglobules in Plagioclase and Pyroxene Phenocrysts of Volcanic Rocks from the Bonin Arc, Leg 126
T. Watanabe, T. Hirama, M. Yuasa, S. Terada, and K. Fujioka

12. Prehnite-Pumpellyite Facies Metamorphism in Oceanic Arc Basement from Site 791 in the Sumisu Rift, Western Pacific
M. Yuasa, T. Watanabe, T. Kuwajima, T. Hirama, and K. Fujioka

13. Vein Structures and Their Tectonic Implications for the Development of the Izu-Bonin Forearc, Leg 126
Y. Ogawa, J. Ashi, and K. Fujioka

14. Deep-Water Trace Fossils and Their Environmental Significance in Forearc and Backarc Cenozoic Successions around the Izu-Bonin Arc, Leg 126
A. Colella, A. D’Alessandro, and R. De Rosa

15. Carbonate Bioclasts of Shallow-Water Origin at Site 793
A. Nishimura


16. Pleistocene and Oligocene–Miocene Calcareous Nannofossils from the Sumisu Rift and Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin
J.V. Firth and M. Isiminger-Kelso

17. Morphometric Changes of the Genus Gephyrocapsa at Site 790, Subtropical Pacific Ocean
H. Matsuoka and K. Fujioka

18. Eocene through Quaternary Planktonic Foraminifers from the Northwest Pacific, Leg 126
Y. Herman

19. Eocene to Quaternary Benthic Foraminifers and Paleobathymetry of the Izu-Bonin Arc, Legs 125 and 126
K. Kaiho

20. Distribution of Holocene Benthic Foraminifers in the Izu-Bonin Arc
K. Kaiho and A. Nishimura

21. Radiolarians from Sediments of the Izu-Bonin Region, Leg 126
J.C. Aitchison


22. NRM/IRM Measurements on Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks from Leg 126, the Izu-Bonin Arc
S.M. Cisowski

23. Detailed Record of the Brunhes/Matuyama Polarity Reversal in High Sedimentation Rate Marine Sediments from the Izu-Bonin Arc
S.M. Cisowski and M. Koyama

24. Paleomagnetic Evidence for Northward Drift and Clockwise Rotation of the Izu-Bonin Forearc since the Early Oligocene
M. Koyama, S.M. Cisowski, and P. Pezard

25. Paleomagnetic Estimate of Emplacement Mechanisms of Deep Basaltic Volcaniclastic Rocks in the Sumisu Rift, Izu-Bonin Arc
M. Koyama, S.M. Cisowski, and J.B. Gill


26. Petrology and Geochemistry of Pliocene–Pleistocene Volcanic Rocks from the Izu Arc, Leg 126
J.B. Gill, C. Seales, P. Thompson, A.G. Hochstaedter, and C. Dunlap

27. Igneous Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin (see chapter correction)
R.N. Taylor, H. Lapierre, P. Vidal, R.W. Nesbitt, and I.W. Croudace

28. Mineral Chemistry of Forearc Volcanic Rocks from the Izu-Bonin Arc, Holes 792E and 793B
H. Lapierre, R.N. Taylor, O. Rouer, and H. Chaisemartin

29. Sulfur Isotope Ratios of Leg 126 Igneous Rocks
P. Torssander


30. Characterization and Correlation of Megascopic Tephras in Site 792 Cores from the Izu-Ogasawara Forearc Basin (Japan) by Trace Elements and 87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/144Nd Isotopes
P.K. Egeberg, A.O. Brunfelt, and A.S. Stabel

31. Major and Trace Element Geochemistry of Oligocene to Quaternary Volcaniclastic Sands and Sandstones from the Izu-Bonin Arc
R.N. Hiscott and J.B. Gill

32. Pelagic and Hemipelagic Sediments of the Izu-Bonin Region, Leg 126: Geochemical and Compositional Features
A. Nishimura, N. Mita, and M. Nohara

33. Major-Oxide Stratigraphy of Glass Shards in Volcanic Ash Layers of the Izu-Bonin Arc-Backarc Sites (Sites 788/789 and 790/791)
K.S. Rodolfo, R.U. Solidum, A. Nishimura, Y. Matsuo, and K. Fujioka

34. Thermodynamic Aspects of Leg 126 Interstitial Waters
P.K. Egeberg

35. Amino Acids in Interstitial Waters from Sites 790 and 791 in the Izu-Bonin Island Arc
H. Kawahata and T. Ishizuka


36. Physical Properties of Volcaniclastic Sediments in the Izu-Bonin Area
K.A. Dadey and A. Klaus

37. Dry-Bulk Density: Its Use and Determination
K.A. Dadey, T. Janecek, and A. Klaus

38. Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Sumisu Rift, Izu-Bonin Arc
A. Klaus, B. Taylor, G.F. Moore, M.E. MacKay, G.R. Brown, Y. Okamura, and F. Murakami

39. Correlation of Core and Seismic Stratigraphy by Means of Vertical Seismic Profiling, and Downhole and Physical Properties Measurements for the Leg 126 Forearc Sites (787, 792, and 793)
P.A. Cooper, K.A. Dadey, A. Klaus, M.A. Lovell, P.A. Pezard, and B. Taylor

40. Chemical Stratigraphy of Boreholes in the Izu-Bonin Arc from In Situ Nuclear Measurements
M.A. Lovell, P.A. Pezard, and P.K. Harvey

41. Downhole Electrical Images in Volcaniclastic Sequences of the Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin, Western Pacific
P.A. Pezard, M.A. Lovell, and R.N. Hiscott


42. Rifting and the Volcanic-Tectonic Evolution of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc
B. Taylor

43. Geochemical Well Logs in the Izu-Bonin Arc-Trench System, Sites 791, 792, and 793
E.L. Pratson, R. Reynolds, M.A. Lovell, P.A. Pezard, and C. Broglia

44. K-Ar Dating Results from Whole-Rock and Mineral Separates of the Izu-Bonin Forearc Basement, Leg 126
R.N. Taylor and J.G. Mitchell

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Chapter 4:

Figure 4. FMS-based sedimentary log, Hole 792E.
Figure 5. FMS-based sedimentary log, Hole 793B.


126 Scientific Results microfiche:

Chapter 2: Appendix. Chemical compositions of volcanic glasses at arc Site 788 and at backarc Sites 790/791.
Chapter 3: Appendix A. Results of the grain-size analyses of the tephra layers from forearc Sites 792 and 793. Appendix B. Chemical compositions of the tephra layers from forearc Sites 792 and 793.
Chapter 33: Appendix. Summary of analyses, Sites 788, 790, and 791.

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