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  47. Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Rocks from the Yamato Basin: Hole 794D, Sea of Japan
A. Pouclet and H. Bellon

48. Volcanic Ash Layers in the Japan Sea: Tephrochronology of Sites 798 and 799
A. Pouclet and S.D. Scott

49. A Pb, Sr, and Nd Isotopic Study of Basaltic Rocks from the Sea of Japan, Legs 127/128
B.L. Cousens and J.F. Allan

50. 40Ar-39Ar Analysis of Volcanic Rocks Recovered from the Japan Sea Floor: Constraints on the Age of Formation of the Japan Sea
I. Kaneoka, Y. Takigami, N. Takaoka, S. Yamashita, and K. Tamaki

51. Cr-Spinel as a Petrogenetic Indicator: Deducing Magma Composition from Spinels in Highly Altered Basalts from the Japan Sea, Sites 794 and 797
J.F. Allan

52. Phenocryst and Groundmass Phase Compositions of Basaltic and Andesitic Sills and Flows from the Japan Sea Recovered during Legs 127 and 128
P. Thy

53. Low-Pressure Melting Relations of a Basalt from Hole 797C in the Yamato Basin of the Japan Sea
P. Thy

54. Liquid Lines of Descent of Basalts Drilled at Sites 794 and 797 in the Yamato Basin of the Japan Sea
P. Thy

55. Preliminary Results on the Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Basalt Alteration, Hole 794D
D. Proust, A. Meunier, A.M. Fouillac, P. Dudoignon, A. Sturz, J. Charvet, and S.D. Scott

56. Experimental Petrology of Basement Basaltic Rocks from Sites 794 and 797, Japan Sea
S. Yamashita and T. Fujii

57. Nd and Sr Isotopic Study of Leg 127 Basalts: Implications for the Evolution of the Japan Sea Backarc Basin
S. Nohda, Y. Tatsumi, S. Yamashita, and T. Fujii

58. Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks from Legs 127 and 128, Sea of Japan
J.F. Allan and M.P. Gorton


  59. Magnetic Properties and Paleomagnetism of Volcanic Rocks and Interlayered Sediments from the Japan Sea (ODP Leg 127)
L. Vigliotti

60. Rock Magnetic Properties of Sediments from Site 797, Japan Sea
M. Torii, A. Hayashida, L. Vigliotti, and J. Wippern

61. Magnetic Intensity Variations in Sediment Cores from Leg 128
Y. Hamano and K.A.O. Krumsiek

62. Pliocene–Pleistocene Magnetostratigraphy of Sediment Cores from the Japan Sea
Y. Hamano, K.A.O. Krumsiek, L. Vigliotti, and J.J.M. Wippern


  63. Identification and Correction of a Systematic Error in Index Property Measurements
D.C. Nobes, M.G. Langseth, S. Kuramoto, and P. Holler

64. Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Thermal Conductivity of Suboceanic Materials Recovered during Leg 128, Japan Sea
H. Kinoshita

65. Evaluation of Quality of Geochemical Log Data in ODP Hole 798B
J.F. Bristow and P.B. deMenocal

66. Evidence for Late Miocene Cyclicity and Broad-Scale Uniformity of Sedimentation in the Yamato Basin, Sea of Japan, from Formation Microscanner Data
J.A. Meredith and R. Tada

67. Estimating In-Situ Stress Field from Basaltic Rock Core Samples of Hole 794C, Yamato Basin, Japan Sea
K. Tamaki and K. Yamamoto

68. Broadband Downhole Digital Seismometer Experiment at Site 794: A Technical Paper
K. Suyehiro, T. Kanazawa, N. Hirata, M. Shinohara, and H. Kinoshita

69. Detailed Crustal Structure of Northern Yamato Basin
M. Shinohara, N. Hirata, H. Nambu, K. Suyehiro, T. Kanazawa, and H. Kinoshita

70. Seismic Evidence of Anisotropy in the Yamato Basin Crust
N. Hirata, H. Nambu, M. Shinohara, and K. Suyehiro

71. Consolidation Characteristics and Permeabilities of Sediments from the Japan Sea (Sites 798 and 799)
P.R. Holler

72. Seismic Stratigraphy of the Kita-Yamato Trough
P.R. Holler and K. Suyehiro

73. Can Opal-A/Opal-CT BSR Be an Indicator of the Thermal Structure of the Yamato Basin, Japan Sea?
S. Kuramoto, K. Tamaki, M.G. Langseth, D.C. Nobes, H. Tokuyama, K.A. Pisciotto, and A. Taira

74. Performance of the Ocean Broadband Downhole Seismometer at Site 794
T. Kanazawa, K. Suyehiro, N. Hirata, and M. Shinohara

75. Structural Features in Leg 128 Cores: Relationship with the Tectonic Evolution of the Japan Sea
J. Charvet, K. Grimm, J. Griffin, L. Jolivet, A. Pouclet, and D. Panis

76. Subsidence of the Japan Sea: Stratigraphic Evidence from ODP Sites and Onshore Sections
J.C. Ingle, Jr.

77. Biostratigraphic and Biochronologic Synthesis of Legs 127 and 128: Sea of Japan
L.H. Burckle, C.A. Brunner, J. Alexandrovich, P. deMenocal, J. Briscoe, Y. Hamano, L. Heusser, J.C. Ingle, Jr., T. Kheradyar, I. Koizumi, K.A.O. Krumsiek, H.-Y. Ling, J.P. Muza, A. Rahman, A. Sturz, L. Vigliotti, L.D. White, J.J.M. Wippern, and T. Yamanoi

78. Lithostratigraphy and Compositional Variation of Neogene Hemipelagic Sediments in the Japan Sea
R. Tada and A. Iijima

79. Diagenetic Reactions in Deeply Buried Sediments of the Japan Sea: A Synthesis of Interstitial-Water Chemistry Results from Leg 127 and Leg 128
R.W. Murray, H.-J. Brumsack, M.T. Von Breymann, A.A. Sturz, R.B. Dunbar, and J.M. Gieskes

80. Comparison and Correlation of Physical-Property Results from Japan Sea Basin and Rise Sites, Legs 127 and 128
D.C. Nobes, M.G. Langseth, S. Kuramoto, P. Holler, and N. Hirata

81. Geothermal Measurements: Thermal Evolution of the Japan Sea Basins and Sediments
M.G. Langseth and K. Tamaki

82. Neogene Kinematics in the Japan Sea Region and Volcanic Activity of the Northeast Japan Arc
L. Jolivet and K. Tamaki

83. Tectonic Synthesis and Implications of Japan Sea ODP Drilling
K. Tamaki, K. Suyehiro, J. Allan, J.C. Ingle, Jr., and K.A. Pisciotto

84. Data Report: Electrical Resistivity Experiment in the Yamato Basin
Y. Hamano, H. Utada, and K. Becker

85. Data Report: Pliocene-Pleistocene-Holocene Trace Metal Data from Holes 794A, 795A, 797A, and 797B
A. Cramp and C. Lewis

86. Data Report: Uranium, Thorium, and Other Trace Elements in Strip Samples from Cores 128-798B-13H through -15H
C.M. Isaacs

87. Data Report: Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Ash Layers from Legs 127 and 128 in the Japan Sea
A. Pouclet, K. Fujioka, T. Furuta, and S. Ogihara

88. Data Report: Geochemical Logging Results from the Sea of Japan: Sites 798 and 799
J.F. Bristow, C. Broglia, P.B. deMenocal, and E.L. Pratson

89. Data Report: Results of Geochemical Well Logging in the Japan Sea, Sites 794, 796, and 797, Leg 127
E.L. Pratson, C. Broglia, R. Schaar, J.A. Meredith, and R.W. Murray

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  Scientific Results: Volume 127/128, Chapter 63:
Appendix A. Index Property Errors and Wet Volume Adjustment for Leg 127.
Appendix B. Index Property Errors and Wet Volume Adjustment for Leg 127.

Scientific Results: Volume 127/128, Chapter 87:
Table 2. Numbering of samples and main petrographic and mineralogical features.
Table 3. Chemical analyses and modal compositions of glasses (electron microprobe).
Table 4. Analyses of trace elements of selected samples (inductively coupled plasma spectrometer).
Table 5. X-ray powder data for barite and harmotome.
Table 6. Nomenclature and relative percentage of petrographic types for compositional groups.
Table 7. Selected chemical analyses and structural features of magmatic minerals (electron microprobe).

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