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1. Tectonic Accretion and Deformation of the Accretionary Wedge in the North d’Entrecasteaux Ridge—New Hebrides Island Arc Collision Zone: Evidence from Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles and Leg 134 Results
J.-Y. Collot, H.G. Greene, M.A. Fisher, and E. Geist

2. Neogene Tectonic Evolution of the New Hebrides Island Arc: A Review Incorporating ODP Drilling Results
H.G. Greene, J.-Y. Collot, M.A. Fisher, and A.J. Crawford

3. Quaternary Plate Convergence Rates at the New Hebrides Island Arc from the Chronostratigraphy of Bougainville Guyot (Site 831)
F.W. Taylor, T.M. Quinn, C.D. Gallup, and R.L. Edwards

4. Seismic Stratigraphy of the North Aoba Basin, Central New Hebrides Island Arc
M.A. Fisher, H.G. Greene, E.L. Geist, and J.-Y. Collot


5. Sedimentology of the Collision Zone between the North d’Entrecasteaux Ridge and New Hebrides Island Arc (Sites 827, 828, and 829)
R.P. Reid, S.N. Carey, T.S. Staerker, and M. Ask

6. Strontium-Isotopic Dating of Neritic Carbonates at Bougainville Guyot (Site 831), New Hebrides Island Arc
T.M. Quinn, F.W. Taylor, and A.N. Halliday

7. Volcaniclastic Sediments of the North Aoba Basin: Depositional Processes and Geologic History
M.R. Goud Collins

8. Diagenesis and Hydrology at the New Hebrides Forearc and Intra-Arc Aoba Basin
J.B. Martin

9. Low Hydrothermal Impact in Volcaniclastic Sediments of the North Aoba Basin: Sites 832 and 833
M. Gérard and A. Person


10. Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy: Evidence for Thrust Faulting and Sediment Mixing in the Accretionary Complex of the Central New Hebrides Island Arc
T.S. Staerker

11. Miocene to Pliocene Planktonic Foraminifers from the North Aoba Basin, Site 832
R.C.B. Perembo

12. Cenozoic Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Paleobathymetry, Paleoenvironments and Paleoceanography of the New Hebrides Island Arc and North d’Entrecasteaux Ridge Area
K. Akimoto

13. Late Pleistocene Dissolution Cycles in the Vanuatu Region, Western Pacific Ocean
J.I. Martínez R.

14. Radiolarians from Leg 134, Vanuatu Region, Southwestern Tropical Pacific
A.L. Weinheimer, A. Sanfilippo, and W.R. Riedel

15. Thecosomata (Pteropods) and Their Remains in Late Quaternary Deposits on the Bougainville Guyot and the Central New Hebrides Island Arc
G. Glaçon, J. Rampal, D. Gaspard, D. Guillaumin, and T.S. Staerker


16. Petrology and Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from the New Hebrides Forearc Region, Sites 827, 829, and 830
M. Coltorti, P.E. Baker, L. Briqueu, T. Hasenaka, and B. Galassi

17. Petrology and Magmatic Affinity of the North d’Entrecasteaux Ridge, Central New Hebrides Trench, Site 828
M. Coltorti, T. Hasenaka, L. Briqueu, P.E. Baker, and F. Siena

18. Petrology and Composition of the Volcanic Basement of Bougainville Guyot, Site 831
P.E. Baker, M. Coltorti, L. Briqueu, T. Hasenaka, E. Condliffe, and A.J. Crawford

19. Magmatic Evolution of the North Aoba Intra-Arc Basin: Sites 832 and 833
T. Hasenaka, A.J. Crawford, L. Briqueu, M. Coltorti, P.E. Baker, and A. Fujinawa

20. Temporal Magmatic Evolution of the Aoba Basin, Central New Hebrides Island Arc: Pb, Sr, and Nd Isotopic Evidence for the Coexistence of Two Mantle Components beneath the Arc
L. Briqueu, C. Laporte, A.J. Crawford, T. Hasenaka, P.E. Baker, and M. Coltorti

21. Volcanic Ash Layers from Sites 828, 830, 831, 832, and 833, New Hebrides Island Arc
P.E. Baker, M. Coltorti, L. Briqueu, T. Hasenaka, and E. Condliffe

22. K-Ar Age Determinations of Samples from Leg 134
D.C. Rex


23. Structural Style of the Accretionary Wedge in Front of the North d’Entrecasteaux Ridge
M. Meschede and B. Pelletier

24. Tectonics of the Central New Hebrides Arc, North Aoba Basin
B. Pelletier, M. Meschede, T. Chabernaud, P. Roperch, and X. Zhao


25. Paleomagnetism and Tectonics of the d’Entrecasteaux Collision Zone (Sites 827–831)
P. Roperch, X. Zhao, and L. Stokking

26. Magnetostratigraphy of the North Aoba Basin
X. Zhao, P. Roperch, and L.B. Stokking

27. Rock Magnetic Properties, Magnetic Mineralogy, and Magnetic Fabric of Rocks in the d’Entrecasteaux Collision Zone
L.B. Stokking, D. Merrill, X. Zhao, and P. Roperch

28. Magnetic Properties of a Volcanic-Rich Sedimentary Sequence in the Intra-Arc Aoba Basin
P. Roperch, T. Chabernaud, and F. Calza


29. Physical Properties of Sediment and Rocks from the d’Entrecasteaux Collision Zone and North Aoba Basin, Vanuatu Island Arc
J.N. Leonard and M.V.S. Ask

30. Water Content Variations in Lower Trench Slope Sediment of Vanuatu, Nankai Trough, and Barbados Ridge: Comparison of Results from ODP Legs 110, 131, and 134
M.V.S. Ask and J.N. Leonard

31. Sedimentary and Crustal Structure of the North Aoba Basin from Seismic Refraction Data
B. Pontoise, P. Charvis, and M. Gérard

32. Borehole Televiewer Data Analysis from the New Hebrides Island Arc: The State of Stress at Holes 829A and 831B
A. Krammer, S. Menger, T. Chabernaud, and K. Fuchs

33. Magnetic Logging and In-Situ Magnetostratigraphy: A Field Test
P. Roperch, V. Barthès, J. Pocachard, J.-Y. Collot, and T. Chabernaud

34. High-Resolution Electrical Imaging in the New Hebrides Island Arc: Structural Analysis and Stress Studies
T.J. Chabernaud


35. Ridge-Arc Collision: Timing and Deformation Determined by Leg 134 Drilling, Central New Hebrides Island Arc
H.G. Greene and J.-Y. Collot


36. Data Report: Geochemical Logging Results from Vanuatu: Sites 829, 830, 831, and 833
J.F. Bristow, R.E. Dove, C. Broglia, M.A. Hobart, T.J. Chabernaud, and J. Tivy


Scientific Results, Volume 134: Chapter 12:

Table 2. Distribution of benthic foraminifers from Site 827.
Table 3. Distribution of benthic foraminifers from Site 828.
Table 4. Distribution of benthic foraminifers from Site 829.
Table 5. Distribution of benthic foraminifers from Site 832.

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