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1. Petrology and Geochemistry of Gabbroic and Related Rocks from Site 894, Hess Deep
R.B. Pedersen, J. Malpas, and T. Falloon

2. Melt Migration through High-Level Gabbroic Cumulates of the East Pacific Rise at Hess Deep: The Origin of Magma Lenses and the Deep Crustal Structure of Fast-Spreading Ridges
J.H. Natland and H.J.B. Dick

3. Rare Earth Element Constraints on the Origin of Amphibole in Gabbroic Rocks from Site 894, Hess Deep
K.M. Gillis

4. Platinum-Group-Element Concentrations in Mafic and Ultramafic Lithologies Drilled from Hess Deep
H.M. Prichard, H. Puchelt, J.-D. Eckhardt, and P.C. Fisher

5. Sulfide Mineralogy, Sulfur Content, and Sulfur Isotope Composition of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks from Leg 147
H. Puchelt, H.M. Prichard, Z. Berner, and J. Maynard

6. Late-Stage Melt Evolution and Transport in the Shallow Mantle beneath the East Pacific Rise
H.J.B. Dick and J.H. Natland

7. Petrology of the Gabbro-Troctolite-Peridotite Complex from Hess Deep, Equatorial Pacific: Implications for Mantle-Melt Interaction within the Oceanic Lithosphere
S. Arai and K. Matsukage

8. Cr-Rich Spinel as a Tracer for Melt Migration and Melt–Wall Rock Interaction in the Mantle: Hess Deep, Leg 147
J.F. Allan and H.J.B. Dick

9. Petrology of Selected Leg 147 Basaltic Lavas and Dikes
J.F. Allan, T. Falloon, R.B. Pedersen, B. Shankar Lakkapragada, J.H. Natland, and J. Malpas


10. Fracture-Controlled Metamorphism of Hess Deep Gabbros, Site 894: Constraints on the Roots of Mid-Ocean-Ridge Hydrothermal Systems at Fast-Spreading Centers
C.E. Manning and C.J. MacLeod

11. Melt-Fluid Evolution in Gabbroic Rocks from Hess Deep
D.S. Kelley and J. Malpas

12. Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Compositions of Hess Deep Gabbros (Holes 894F and 894G): High-Temperature Interaction of Seawater with the Oceanic Crust Layer 3
C. Lécuyer and G. Gruau

13. Mineralogic and Stable Isotope Record of Polyphase Alteration of Upper Crustal Gabbros of the East Pacific Rise (Hess Deep, Site 894)
G.L. Früh-Green, A. Plas, and L.N. Dell’Angelo

14. Petrologic and Stable Isotope Constraints on Hydrothermal Alteration and Serpentinization of the EPR Shallow Mantle at Hess Deep (Site 895)
G.L. Früh-Green, A. Plas, and C. Lécuyer

15. Hydrothermal Alteration of the Upper-Mantle Section at Hess Deep
C. Mével and C. Stamoudi

16. Sr and O Isotopic Ratios of Aragonite Veins from Site 895
J. Blusztajn and S.R. Hart


17. Gabbro Fabrics from Site 894, Hess Deep: Implications for Magma Chamber Processes at the East Pacific Rise
C.J. MacLeod, F. Boudier, G. Yaouancq, and C. Richter

18. Constraints on the Geometry and Fracturing of Hole 894G, Hess Deep, from Formation MicroScanner Logging Data
B. Célérier, C.J. MacLeod, and P.K. Harvey

19. Structures in Peridotites from Site 895, Hess Deep: Implications for the Geometry of Mantle Flow beneath the East Pacific Rise
F. Boudier, C.J. MacLeod, and L. Bolou

20. Structural History and Significance of Gabbroic Rocks in the Uppermost Mantle: Hess Deep, EPR (Site 895)
L.A. Kennedy, A.K. Kronenberg, and H.J.B. Dick


21. Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetic Properties of Gabbro from Hole 894G, Hess Deep
J.E. Pariso, P. Kelso, and C. Richter

22. Paleomagnetism of Gabbroic Rocks and Peridotites from Sites 894 and 895, Leg 147, Hess Deep: Results of Half-Core and Whole-Core Measurements
E. Kikawa, P.R. Kelso, J.E. Pariso, and C. Richter

23. Magnetic Fabrics and Sources of Magnetic Susceptibility in Lower Crustal and Upper Mantle Rocks from Hess Deep
C. Richter, P.R. Kelso, and C.J. MacLeod

24. Rock Magnetic Properties, Magnetic Mineralogy, and Paleomagnetism of Peridotites from Site 895, Hess Deep
P.R. Kelso, C. Richter, and J.E. Pariso


25. Velocity Behavior of Lower Crustal and Upper Mantle Rocks from a Fast-Spreading Ridge at Hess Deep
G.J. Iturrino, D.J. Miller, and N.I. Christensen


26. Sediments and Their Geochemistry, Hess Deep
J.-D. Eckhardt and H. Puchelt

27. Detrital Minerals in Surface Sediments from Hess Deep, Equatorial Pacific: Implications for the Lithologic Spread of Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks
S. Arai and N. Abe


28. Tectonics of Hess Deep: A Synthesis of Drilling Results from Leg 147 (see chapter correction)
C.J. MacLeod, B. Célérier, G.L. Früh-Green, and C.E. Manning

29. Geochemical and Petrological Constraints on Velocity Behavior of Lower Crustal and Upper Mantle Rocks from the Fast-Spreading Ridge at Hess Deep
D.J. Miller, G.J. Iturrino, and N.I. Christensen

30. Data Report: Ultramafic Reference Material from Core 147-895D-10W
H. Puchelt, J. Malpas, T. Falloon, R. Pedersen, J.-D. Eckhardt, and J.F. Allan

31. Data Report: Metamorphic Veins from Site 894
C.E. Manning, C.J. MacLeod, G.L. Früh-Green, D.S. Kelley, and C. Lécuyer

32. Data Report: Structural Measurements from Sites 894 and 895, Hess Deep
C.J. MacLeod, C.E. Manning, F. Boudier, B. Célérier, L.A. Kennedy, P. Kelso, E. Kikawa, J.E. Pariso, and C. Richter
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