Figures F1-F12
Tables T1-T3

F1. PACMANUS and drill sites.

F2. Pual Ridge.

F3. Phenocrysts.

F4. Microlites.

F5. Rounded phenocrysts.

F6. Euhedral phenocrysts.

F7. Bulk rock compositions.

F8. SiO2 covariation.

F9. TiO2 vs. Zr.

F10. Chondrite-normalized REEs.

F11. Eu/Eu* covariation.

F12. Anorthite content.

Tables T1-T3

T1. Bulk rock geochemistry.

T2. Mineral and glass compositions.

T3. Data summary.

Figures F1-F12
Tables T1-T3