Figures F1-F20
Figures F21- F30
Tables T1-T20

F1. Digital Parasound and 3.5-kHz profiles at Site 1233.

F2. Sites 1232-1235 and oceanographic features off southern and central Chile.

F3. North-south cross section of water masses.

F4. OSUS-MS vs. mcd depth for the primary spliced record.

F5. Spliced records of L*, NGR, GRA density, and MS.

F6. A comparison of mbsf and mcd scales.

F7. Lithostratigraphic summary.

F8. Major lithology.

F9. Black mottled disseminated sulfide interval.

F10. Siliciclastic and authigenic components vs. magnetic susceptibility.

F11. Biogenic components, calcium carbonate, and magnetic susceptibility.

F12. Black ash layer.

F13. Color measurements.

F14. Measured and predicted carbonate and TOC.

F15. Moisture and density.

F16. Calcareous nannofossils and planktonic and benthic foraminifers and diatoms.

F17. NRM before and after AF demagnetization.

F18. NRM inclination, rotated declination, and intensity after demagnetization.

F19. Comparison of declinations, Holes 1233B and 1233D.

F20. PSV records.

Figures F1-F20
Figures F21- F30
Tables T1-T20