Figures F1-F20
Figures F21- F30
Tables T1-T20

F21. Possible magnetic field excursion.

F22. Demagnetized and normalized NRM intensity.

F23. MS vs. demagnetized NRM intensity.

F24. Headspace and vacutainer methane and C1/C2 vs. depth.

F25. Interstitial water geochemical data.

F26. Calcium carbonate, TOC, and TN vs. depth.

F27. TOC/TN vs. TOC.

F28. Correlation of MS between Site 1233 core GeoB 3313-1.

F29. Geomagnetic paleointensity from Sites 1233 and 1089 and Sint-200.

F30. Age model.

Tables T1-T20

T1. Operations summary.

T2. Primary composite depth scale.

T3. Primary splice tie points.

T4. Secondary composite depth scale.

T5. Secondary splice tie points.

T6. OSUS-MS measurements, Hole 1233A.

T7. OSUS-MS measurements, Hole 1233B.

T8. OSUS-MS measurements, Hole 1233C.

T9. OSUS-MS measurements, Hole 1233D.

T10. OSUS-MS measurements, Hole 1233E.

T11. Lithologic Unit I.

T12. Ash layers.

T13. Distribution of calcareous nannofossils.

T14. Distribution of foraminifers.

T15. Distribution of diatoms.

T16. Headspace and vacutainer gas concentrations and C1/C2 ratio.

T17. Interstitial water geochemical data.

T18. IC, CaCO3, TC, TOC, and TN concentrations and TOC/TN ratio.

T19. Age control points.

T20. Age-depth model, LSRs, and MARs.

Figures F1-F20 
Figures F21-F30
Tables T1-T20