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Contents: Chapters
1. Leg 210 Synthesis: Tectonic, Magmatic, and Sedimentary Evolution of the Newfoundland–Iberia Rift (PDFCited by)
Brian E. Tucholke and Jean-Claude Sibuet
Publication date: 27 July 2007
  2. Petrology and Provenance of Eocene–Albian Sandstones and Grainstones Recovered during ODP Leg 210: Implications for Passive Margin (Rift-to-Drift) Sandstone Provenance Models (PDFCited by)
Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Jennifer A. Pavia, and Sara J. Maloney
Publication date: 18 June 2007

3. Paleoflow Directions of Albian Basin-Floor Turbidity Currents in the Newfoundland Basin (PDFCited by)
Richard N. Hiscott
Publication date: 14 May 2007

4. Ar/Ar Dating of White Mica Clasts in Early to Late Postrift Sediments Sampled during ODP Leg 210 off Newfoundland (PDFCited by)
R.C.L. Wilson and Richard N. Hiscott

Publication date: 17 July 2007

5. Data Report: Fluid Inclusion Studies of Detrital Quartz from the Newfoundland Basin, ODP Leg 210, Site 1276 (PDFCited by)
T. Shryane and M. Feely

Publication date: 16 July 2007

6. Data Report: Descriptive Evaluation of Consolidated Sedimentary Rock Structures with X-Ray Imaging: Examples from Site 1276 Core Samples (PDFCited by)
Masaaki Shirai, Masahiro Nishimura, and Hisato Yasuda
Publication date: 11 May 2007

7. Data Report: Automatic Method for Associating Lithologic Type with Laboratory Measurements Taken aboard the JOIDES Resolution (PDFCited by)
Dale Sawyer and David Fackler
Publication date: 20 July 2007

8. Geochemical Evidence for the Sedimentary and Diagenetic Development of the Mesozoic–Early Cenozoic Newfoundland Rifted Margin, Northwest Atlantic (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 210, Site 1276) (PDFCited by)
Alastair H.F. Robertson
Publication date: 25 July 2007

9. Evidence of Continental Breakup from the Newfoundland Rifted Margin (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 210): Lower Cretaceous Seafloor Formed by Exhumation of Subcontinental Mantle Lithosphere and the Transition to Seafloor Spreading (PDFCited by)
Alastair H.F. Robertson
Publication date: 26 July 2007

10. Data Report: Multiproxy Geochemical Characterization of OAE-Related Black Shales at Site 1276, Newfoundland Basin (PDFCited by)
Michela Arnaboldi and Philip A. Meyers
Publication date: 21 November 2006

  11. Data Report: Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Albian Sediments Recovered at Site 1276, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 210 (PDFCited by)
Bryan C. Ladner
Publication date: 24 July 2007

12. Data Report: Eocene Benthic Foraminifers from the Western North Atlantic, Site 1276, ODP Leg 210 (PDFCited by)
Hiroyuki Takata
Publication date: 8 June 2007

13. A Paleontological Synthesis of ODP Leg 210, Newfoundland Basin (PDFCited by)
E. Urquhart, S. Gardin, R.M. Leckie, S.A. Wood, J. Pross, M.D. Georgescu, B. Ladner, and H. Takata
Publication date: 27 July 2007

  14. Linking Core and Seismic Data without Logs: Core-Seismic Correlation at Site 1276 (PDFCited by)
Donna J. Shillington, Brian E. Tucholke, Garry D. Karner, Dale S. Sawyer, W. Steven Holbrook, and Heike Delius
Publication date: 24 July 2007
  15. Paleolatitude Inferred from Cretaceous Sedimentary and Igneous Cores Recovered from Leg 210, Newfoundland Margin (PDFCited by)
Xixi Zhao, Bruno Galbrun, Heike Delius, and Qingsong Liu
Publication date: 19 July 2007
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