Publishing Instructions for ODP Scientists


ODP's Publishing Instructions for ODP Scientists includes guidelines for preparing contributions to the Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program and outlines ODP's publication requirements for authors who wish to publish postcruise results in the outside literature.

Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Volumes
The Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program volumes are primarily intended to be used as reference texts. Each leg-related set of the Proceedings consists of two parts, an Initial Reports volume and a Scientific Results volume.

Publishing Cruise Results -- Initial Reports Volume
The Initial Reports volume records the scientific and engineering results from each ODP leg. Each volume contains a leg overview, summaries from each drill site, a visual catalog of core images, and prime data. The content of the volume is written at sea by the shipboard scientific party and reviewed postcruise by a select group of the scientific party and the ODP editorial staff.
See Publication of Cruise Results.

Publishing Postcruise Results
Beginning with Leg 175, all scientific party members who sail as invited participants on ODP cruises, and all shore-based participants who are included in the scientific party, incur obligations to ODP that they must fulfill by using samples or data from the leg they participated in to conduct postcruise research and by publishing associated results in agreement with the other terms of the ODP Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy. If a scientific party member is unable to produce research results because appropriate sample or data were not retrieved during the cruise, or because data could not be obtained during postcruise analyses, a letter of explanation must be submitted to the ODP Publications Coordinator. The letter of explanation will be copied by the Publications Coordinator to the ODP Staff Scientist on the ERB for that leg, the ODP Publication Services Manager, and the ODP Curator for review and comment. If necessary, individual letters of explanation may be copied to the JOI Office for appropriate action. Failure to meet these obligations will result in the rejection of future sample requests and may influence participation on future legs.
See Publication of Postcruise Results and
ODP Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy for details.

The Scientific Results volume is published approximately four years after the cruise. It contains peer-reviewed papers presenting the results of postcruise research relating to the aspects of scientific ocean drilling from each leg. The Publication Services Department orchestrates the submission and peer-review process. Each volume has an Editorial Review Board that is responsible for obtaining peer reviews of papers submitted to the volume and for checking all outside publications for proper citations. The board is made up of the two co-chief scientists, the ODP staff scientist for the cruise, and/or one external specialist.
See Peer-Review and Revision Process.

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