Tables T1-T39

T1. Prime data types.

T2. Carbon analyses instruments.

T3. Carbonate query.

T4. Gas elements query.

T5. GRA systems.

T6. GRA calibration procedures.

T7. GRA query.

T8. GRA analysis statistics.

T9. ICP-AES standard reference materials.

T10. ICP-AES query.

T11. IW analysis instruments.

T12. IW query.

T13. MAD analysis methods.

T14. MAD properties and formulas.

T15. MAD query.

T16. MSL systems.

T17. MSL query.

T18. MSL analysis statistics.

T19. NGR systems.

T20. NGR query.

T21. NGR analysis statistics.

T22. PMAG query.

T23. PWL system summary.

T24. PWL query.

T25. PWL analysis statistics.

T26. PWS systems.

T27. PWS1 and PWS2 query.

T28. PWS3 query.

T29. PWS analysis statistics.

T30. Rock-eval query.

T31. Color reflectance query.

T32. Shear strength query.

T33. Thermal conductivity query.

T34. Downhole temperature query.

T35. XRD query.

T36. XRF operations summary.

T37. XRF spectrometer parameters.

T38. XRF standard reference materials.

T39. XRF query.

Tables T1-T39