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  1. Grain-Size Analysis and Distribution in Cascadia Margin Sediments, Northeastern Pacific
A. Camerlenghi, R.G. Lucchi, and R.G. Rothwell

2. Coarse Fraction Minerals of Sands in Cascadia Margin Sediments
N.P. Chamov and I.O. Murdmaa

  3. Radiolarians from the Cascadia Margin, Leg 146
J.-P. Caulet

4. Neogene Diatom Biostratigraphy of Site 892, Cascadia Margin
E. Fourtanier

5. Foraminiferal Biofacies, Paleoenvironments, and Biostratigraphy of Neogene-Quaternary Sediments, Cascadia Margin
S.D. Zellers

  6. Diagenetic Carbonates from Cascadia Margin: Textures, Chemical Compositions, and Oxygen and Carbon Stable Isotope Signatures
A. Kopf, J.C. Sample, P. Bauer, J.H. Behrmann, and H. Erlenkeuser

7. Isotope Geochemistry of Syntectonic Carbonate Cements and Veins from the Oregon Margin: Implications for the Hydrogeologic Evolution of the Accretionary Wedge
J.C. Sample and A. Kopf

  8. Gas Hydrate and Sediment Gas Composition, Hole 892A
M. Hovland, D. Lysne, and M. Whiticar

9. Seismic Studies of Methane Gas Hydrate, offshore Vancouver Island
G.D. Spence, T.A. Minshull, and C. Fink

10. Relation between Pore Fluid Chemistry and Gas Hydrates Associated with Bottom-Simulating Reflectors at the Cascadia Margin, Sites 889 and 892
M. Kastner, K.A. Kvenvolden, M.J. Whiticar, A. Camerlenghi, and T.D. Lorenson

  11. CT Scan Analysis of Sediments from Leg 146
J. Ashi

12. Microstructures in Accreted Sediments of the Cascadia Margin
B. Clennell and A. Maltman

13. Microstructural Analysis of Sites 891 and 892: Implications for Deformation Processes at the Frontal Thrust and an Out-of-Sequence Thrust
P.A. Teas, H.J. Tobin, and P.E. García

14. Magnetic Anisotropy Fabrics from the Cascadia Accretionary Prism
B.A. Housen and T. Sato

  15. Dewatering of Sediments along the Cascadia Margin: Evidence from Geotechnical Properties
P. Hempel

16. Permeability and Stress History of Sediment from the Cascadia Margin
K. Moran, W.G.D. Gray, and C.A. Jarrett

17. The Variation of the Hydraulic Conductivity Structure of an Overpressured Thrust Zone with Effective Stress
K.M. Brown

18. In Situ Permeability Tests at Site 892: Characteristics of a Hydrogeologically Active Fault Zone on the Oregon Accretionary Prism
E.J. Screaton, B. Carson, and G.P. Lennon

19. Long-Term Observations of Pressure and Temperature in Hole 892B, Cascadia Accretionary Prism
E.E. Davis, K. Becker, K. Wang, and B. Carson

20. Log-Based Porosity of ODP Sites on the Cascadia Accretionary Prism
R.D. Jarrard, M.E. MacKay, G.K. Westbrook, and E.J. Screaton

21. Seismic Velocities at Site 891 from a Vertical Seismic Profile Experiment
G.F. Moore, J. Dellinger, M.E. MacKay, and H. Hoskins

22. Laboratory Measurement of Velocity vs. Effective Stress in Thrust Faults of the Oregon Accretionary Prism: Implications for Fault Zone Overpressure
H.J. Tobin, J.C. Moore, and G.F. Moore

23. Frontal Thrust, Oregon Accretionary Prism: Geometry, Physical Properties, and Fluid Pressure
J.C. Moore, K. Moran, M.E. MacKay, and H. Tobin

  24. Siliceous Microfossil Stratigraphic Synthesis of Site 892, Cascadia Margin
E. Fourtanier and J.-P. Caulet

25. Geochemical Evidence for Fluid Flow and Diagenesis at the Cascadia Convergent Margin
M. Kastner, J.C. Sample, M.J. Whiticar, M. Hovland, B.A. Cragg, and J.R. Parkes

26. Organic Geochemistry of Gases, Fluids, and Hydrates at the Cascadia Accretionary Margin
M.J. Whiticar, M. Hovland, M. Kastner, and J.C. Sample

27. The Impact of Fluid and Gas Venting on Bacterial Populations and Processes in Sediments from the Cascadia Margin Accretionary System (Sites 888–892) and the Geochemical Consequences
B.A. Cragg, R.J. Parkes, J.C. Fry, A.J. Weightman, P.A. Rochelle, J.R. Maxwell, M. Kastner, M. Hovland, M.J. Whiticar, and J.C. Sample

28. Modern Fluid Flow in the Cascadia Accretionary Wedge: A Synthesis
B. Carson and G.K. Westbrook


  29. Data Report: Provenance Analysis of Quaternary Sands and Sandstones from Cascadia Margin
J.H. Behrmann, P. Bauer, and A. Kopf

30. Data Report: Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Pore Fluids in Sediments of the Cascadia Accretionary Complex
M. Kastner and H. Elderfield

31. Data Report: Molecular and Stable Isotope Analyses of Sorbed and Free Hydrocarbon Gases of Leg 146, Cascadia and Oregon Margins
M.J. Whiticar and M. Hovland

32. Data Report: Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of a Set of Samples from the Cascadia Margin
W.H. Owens

  33. Origin of Bottom-Simulating Reflectors: Geophysical Evidence from the Cascadia Accretionary Prism
M.E. MacKay, R.D. Jarrard, G.K. Westbrook, R.D. Hyndman, and Shipboard Scientific Party of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 146

34. Technical Notes and Additions to: Origin of Bottom-Simulating Reflectors: Geophysical Evidence from the Cascadia Accretionary Prism
M.E. MacKay, R.D. Jarrard, G.K. Westbrook, R.D. Hyndman, and Shipboard Scientific Party of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 146


Scientific Results, Volume 146 Part 1. Seismic reflection line through Hole 892B.

  Scientific Resulsts, Volume 146 Part 1: Chapter 15. Physical properties of all samples analyzed on board and at the shore-based laboratory up to seven years later.
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