Figures F1-F13
Tables T1-T7
Appendix Figures AF1-AF18

F1. Location map.

F2. Manasquan, Marlboro Clay, Vincentown, Hornerstown, and Navesink formations.

F3. Mount Laurel, Wenonah, and Marshalltown formations.

F4. Upper Englishtown, lower Englishtown, Woodbury, Merchantville, and Cheesequake formations.

F5. Magothy Formation.

F6. Raritan and Potomac formations.

F7. Potomac Formation, Unit III sequence.

F8. Potomac Formation, Unit II sequence.

F9. Potomac Formation, Unit II and I sequences.

F10. Dip section.

F11. Strike section.

F12. Potomac Formation sequences.

F13. Lithologic and hydrostratigraphic terminology.

Tables T1-T7

T1. Core descriptions.

T2. Cumulative percent plot data.

T3. Pollen and dinocyst occurrences.

T4. Planktonic foraminifer occurrences.

T5. Cenozoic calcareous nannoplankton occurrences.

T6. Cretaceous calcareous nannoplankton occurrences.

T7. Sr isotopic data.

Appendix Figures F1-F18

AF1. Shell bed, K/P boundary and transgressive surface.

AF2. Upper and lower shoreface sediments.

AF3. Delta front deposits and offshore sediments.

AF4. Upper and lower shoreface to offshore sediments.

AF5. Inner and middle neritic deposits.

AF6. Tidal channel sediments.

AF7. Distributary channel, tidal channel, and delta front sediments.

AF8. Delta front sediments.

AF9. Marsh sediments.

AF10. Overbank/swamp sediments and fluvial channel sediments.

AF11. Paleosol and oxbow lake sediments.

AF12. Fluvial sediments, paleosol, and oxbow lake sediments.

AF13. Fluvial sediments.

AF14. Paleosol and possible debris flow sediments.

AF15. Fluvial channel sediments transitioning to overbank sediments.

AF16. Paleosol and fluvial sediments.

AF17. Overbank and oxbow lake sediments.

AF18. Braided stream sediments.

Figures F1-F13
Tables T1-T7
Appendix Figures AF1-AF18