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News Releases

Legs 186-210

Legs 173-185

Legs 145-172

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Legs 116-130

Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 100 - JOIDES Resolution shake-down cruise
    Leg 101.1 - First official cruise; scientists study the evolution of the Bahamas carbonate platform
    Leg 101.2 - Scientists test two opposing theories in the evolution of the Bahamas carbonate platform
    Leg 102.1 - Researchers seek to obtain comprehensive geophysical data from 110 million-year-old crust in the western Atlantic
    Leg 102.2 - Scientists re-open a hole drilled eight years earlier
    Leg 103.1 - Cruise Participants investigate the continental margin on the eastern side of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Leg 103.2 - Cruise reveals important information about when and how continents broke apart and ocean basins formed
    Leg 104.1 - Ship cruises to the Norwegian Sea
    Leg 104.2 - Ship returns after drilling on the Voring Plateau in the Norwegian Sea
    Leg 105.1 - JOIDES Resolution to be the first scientific ocean vessel to drill holes this deep and this far inside the Arctic Circle
    Leg 105.2 - Drilling results confirm that Greenland, Canada and Western Europe formed a huge land mass until about 85 million years ago
    Leg 106.1 - Using new technology, the ship's crew will drill near the axis of the Mid Atlantic Ridge
    Leg 106.2 - The ship was the first ever to collect samples adjacent to Atlantic Ocean black smokers
    Leg 107.1 - Scientists try to unravel some of the mysteries of the Mediterranean by drilling a transect of holes into the seafloor of the Tyrrhenian Sea
    Leg 107.2 - Researchers investigate how a land mass is torn in two and a new oceanic basin formed
    Leg 108.1 - Ship to drill along the coast of Northwest Africa
    Leg 108.2 - Cruise participants gather valuable information about what Earth's atmosphere, climate and ocean circulation were like during the last several million years
    Leg 109.1 - Ship returns to a remote area in the Atlantic Ocean, the site of an underseas laboratory that was established last winter on the bottom of the sea
    Leg 109.2 - Scientists deepen hole at the Kane Fracture Zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Leg 110.1 - Shipboard scientists to probe the Lesser Antilles for clues into the processes associated with active accretionary margins
    Leg 110.2 - Cruise off Barbados studied geologic processes that have formed submarine ridge beneath surface of the Atlantic
    Leg 111.1 - Hole 504B, deepest hole ever drilled into the oceanic crust, to be drilled even deeper
    Leg 111.2 - Scientists study 5.9 million-year-old rocks taken from Hole 504B
    Leg 112.1 - Turbulent region of the Pacific Ocean off Peru to be studied by scientists of several disciplines
    Leg 112.2 - Twenty-seven scientists study an active continental margin and the chemical convolutions caused by marine life buried beneath the edge of South American continent
    Leg 113.1 - Resolution sets sail for Weddell Sea, an Antarctic basin plagued with foul weather, high winds, pack ice and massive icebergs
    Leg 113.2 - Scientists discover that a massive ice sheet whose melting would affect worldwide sea levels is more stable than previously believed
    Leg 114.1 - JOIDES Resolution drills in waters above and to the east of the South Sandwich Islands
    Leg 114.2 - Investigation of two major tectonic events that caused the Drake Passage to open and an underwater ridge to separate
    Leg 115.1 - Rocks from a volcanic ridge system and sediment containing the remains of ancient plant and animal life in the northeast Indian Ocean contain the history of the region's marine environment
    Leg 115.2 - Information recovered needed to chart the movement of the Indian tectonic plate over millions of years

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