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News Releases

Legs 186-210

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Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 116.1 - Scientists to investigate forces which created the Himalayas and the submarine Bengal Fan
    Leg 116.2 - Scientists prepared to rewrite current theories about the timing of the Himalayan mountain range uplift and the subsequent formation of the enormous Bengal Fan
    Leg 117.1 - Drilling for evidence of the southwest monsoon's evolution
    Leg 117.2 - Scientists can now reconstruct the origin and evolution of the southwest monsoon, the dominant atmospheric phenomenon that determines the fate of millions of Asians and Africans
    Leg 118.1 - Resolution to drill into the flanks of the Southwest Indian Ridge
    Leg 118.2 - More than a quarter mile of rock recovered from the deepest layer of the ocean's crust beneath the Atlantis II fracture zone
    Leg 119.1 - Expedition to drill into the Kerguelen Plateau
    Leg 119.2 - Exploring the major factors affecting the evolution of the Southern Ocean and its climatic conditions through time
    Leg 120.1 - Scientists to try to determine to origin and evolution of the Kerguelen Plateau
    Leg 120.2 - Scientists now have a 97-million year geologic record to determine the origin and evolution of the Kerguelen Plateau, one of the world's largest underwater structures
    Leg 121.1 - Scientists to investigate the geological history of the eastern Indian Ocean
    Leg 121.2 - Drilling to take place in two ridges - an underwater mountain range named Broken Ridge and a subterranean mountain range named Ninetyeast Ridge
    Leg 122.2 - Scientists recover the oldest marine rocks ever obtained through scientific drilling
    Leg 123.1 - Drilling expedition off the Northwest Australian continental margin to study geologic processes that separated continents, formed ocean basins and consumed an ancient sea
    Leg 123.2 - Scientists are one step closer to learning how crustal plate movement in the Indian Ocean, sea-floor subduction and the rise and fall of global sea levels have shaped the planet's geologic history
    Leg 124.1 - An international team of marine scientists will drill into a welter of ocean basins located at the juncture of three major crustal plates
    Leg 124.2 - A violent history of crustal plate collision, mountain building and erupting volcanoes mark the origin and evolution of two Southeastern Asian basins
    Leg 125.1 - Seagoing scientists will drill off the Mariana and Bonin island chains in the western Pacific
    Leg 125 - Scientists recover 40-million year volcanic record
    Leg 126 - Scientists were able to record the geologic history of an event that began more than 30 million years ago and is still occurring today
    Leg 127 - Scientists have learned that a marginal sea in the Western Pacific has expanded and contracted and its level has risen and fallen in response to 20 million years of geologic upheaval
    Leg 128 - Scientists went back in time to piece together a marginal sea's ancient geologic record
    Leg 129 - Oceanographers for the first time have recovered the oldest remaining remnants of the Pacific Ocean's original seafloor
    Leg 130 - Sediment and rocks from an underwater plateau have given scientists new information about changes in global climate and the geologic history of the Pacific Ocean

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