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News Releases

Legs 186-210

Legs 145-172

Legs 131-144

Legs 116-130

Legs 100-115

Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 185 - An expedition to a Subduction Factory: ODP Searches for Bacteria in Ancient Rock
    Leg 185 - An expedition to a Subduction Factory
    Leg 184 - Investigations of the East Asia Monsoon
    Leg 183 - Ancient Volcanic Cataclysms in the Indian Ocean
    Leg 182 - What happens on the seafloor when it's too cold for corals?
    Leg 181 - Massive Ocean Current May Provide Clues to Global Warming
    Legs 180/181 - Sydney port-call activities
    Leg 180 - Understanding deep ocean earthquakes
    New Director - Kathryn Moran Named Director of Ocean Drilling Programs
    China - People's Republic of China joins international Ocean Drilling Program
    Leg 179 - Ocean Drilling Program extends global seismic network to the deep oceans
    Leg 178 - Scientists pursue the history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
    Leg 177 - Scientists Study History of Climate Change in the Southern Ocean
    Leg 175 - Ocean floor offers clues to arid southern Africa climate
    Leg 174B - Scientists observe water draining from ocean into seafloor
    Leg 174A - Highly Pressurized Ocean Water Could Cause Undersea Landslides, Tidal Waves
    Leg 174A - Scientists reconstruct sea level changes and the links to glaciers, climate and oil and gas deposits
    Leg 173 - not available

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