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News Releases

Legs 173-185

Legs 145-172

Legs 131-144

Legs 116-130

Legs 100-115

Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 210 - Final Ocean Drilling Program Expedition Investigates Continental Rifting That Formed the Atlantic Ocean
    Leg 208 - Runaway Climate: Methane, Extreme Global Warming, and Massive Deep-Sea Changes
    Leg 207 - Ocean Drilling Program Recovers Evidence of Past Rapid Global Climate and Ocean Circulation Changes
    Leg 205 - Ocean Drilling Expedition Installs Two Long-term Observatories in the Seafloor off Costa Rica
    Leg 204 - Ocean Drilling Program Explores Large Gas Hydrate Field Offshore Oregon
    Leg 203 - Ocean Drilling Creates "Telescope" to the Inner Earth: Seafloor Observatories
    Leg 202 - Ocean Drilling Explores Climate Change in the Southeast Pacific
    Leg 201 - Ocean Drilling Expedition Captures Life Beneath the Seafloor
    Leg 200 - Scientists Find Evidence of Cataclysmic Volcanic Event on Oahu
    Leg 199 - Ocean Drilling Reveals Clues about Warmer Earth
    AGU Fall Meeting 2001 - Ocean Drilling Program Scientists Will Unveil New Research Results at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting In San Francisco (JOI web site)
    AGU Fall Meeting 2001 - Ocean Drilling Program Town Meeting (JOI web site)
    Leg 198 - Ocean Drilling Program Probing Warming in the Earth's Past
    Leg 197 - Pursuing Pele, Goddess of Hawaiian Volcanos (PDF file)
    New director - Dr. Daniel Weill named Ocean Drilling Program Director
    Leg 196 - Researchers seek clues to submarine quakes at plate collision zone offshore Japan
    Leg 194 - Distance learning broadcasts (TAMU College of Education web site)
    New President - Bohlen named new JOI/ODP President
    CD-ROM Release - From Gateways to Glaciation Educational CD-ROM Released
    Leg 189 - Antarctica, Australia and Global Climate Change: Greenhouse to Ice House
    Leg 187 - Mantle reservoirs and migration associated with Australian-Antarctic rifting: a discordance in Earth's interior
    Leg 186 - Scientists Head to the Japan Trench for Earthquake Studies: ODP to Install Long-term Seafloor Observatories

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