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News Releases

Legs 186-210

Legs 173-185

Legs 131-144

Legs 116-130

Legs 100-115

Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 145 - New evidence concerning the initiation of massive ice buildup in the Northern Hemisphere
    Leg 146 - Scientists drilling through sediments to study fluid flow off the coast of Canada believe they have obtained evidence of critical factors that could affect major shifts in the global climate
    Leg 147, 148 - not available
    Leg 149 - International team of scientists discovered the western edge of the European continent where present-day Portugal and Spain broke away from the North American continent
    Leg 150 - Researchers are reading the pages of sea-level history in the sediment layers off New Jersey to track Earth's transition from a "greenhouse" world to its more recent "icehouse" environment
    Leg 151 - Drill ship arrives in Iceland after drilling at the edge of the permanent floating ice fields of the arctic
    Leg 152 - Scientists discover pieces to two separate puzzles in the North Atlantic - the timing of glaciation and the infancy of the ancient ocean crust
    Legs 153-157 - not available
    Leg 158 - Hot springs create mineral deposits along Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Leg 159 - Cote d'Ivoire-Ghana Margin
    Leg 160/161 - Mediterranean Sea
    Leg 162 - Arctic Ocean
    Leg 162 - Compuserve Forum
    Leg 163 - Storm in East Greenland Sea
    Leg 164 - Gas hydrate expedition
    Leg 165 Pre-cruise - Meteorite collision with the Earth 65 million years ago
    Leg 165 Post-cruise - Chicxulub crater impact in the Caribbean Sea
    Leg 166 - Scientists confirm that sea level controls the architecture of continental margins
    Leg 167 - Temperature changes resulting in polar ice sheet melt
    Korea Joins ODP
    Leg 169 - Hydrothermal vents created on seafloor
    Leg 169S - Saanich Inlet sediments explored
    Chinese Taipei Joins ODP
    Leg 170 Post-cruise - Scientists probe recycling of oceanic crust
    Leg 170 Pre-cruise - Study of active continental margin off Costa Rica
    Leg 171, 172 - Meteorite impact confirmed in sediments found beneath seafloor

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