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News Releases

Legs 186-210

Legs 173-185

Legs 145-172

Legs 116-130

Legs 100-115

Ocean Drilling Program News Releases

    Leg 131 - Study of the geologic processes that formed a mountain range in Japan and contribute to the high number of eathquakes that aflict the region
    Leg 132 - Applying a drilling technique analogous to a high-speed dental tool whirring through tooth enamel, the ODP took a significant step forward in recovering volcanic rock
    Leg 133 - After recovering sediment from beneath the Great Barrier Reef, oceanographers are rewriting the reef's geologic history and interpreting new evidence of changes in the global environment
    Leg 134 - Investigation of the deformation of plate edges and the volcanic record associated with plate movement
    Leg 135 - Study of sediment and rocks that will help solve a puzzle about the origin and evolution of a back-arc basin behind an arc-shaped line of active volcanoes
    Leg 136, 137 - ODP helps in effort to monitor earthquakes and cleans out the Pacific Ocean's deepest crustal hole
    Leg 138 - Scientists study equatorial Pacific sediments to find clues about climate
    Leg 139 - An ambitious program of drilling into scalding rocks of the northern Juan de Fuca Ridge
    Leg 139.2 - Scientists return after drilling into young oceanic crust along axes of seafloor spreading
    Leg 140-144 - not available

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