29 May 2000
ISSN 1096-7451

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(Volume cited by)


1. Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of Leg 166 (PDFCited by)
J.D. Wright and D. Kroon

2. Mid- to late-Quaternary variations in the oxygen isotope signature of Globigerinoides ruber at Site 1006 in the western subtropical Atlantic (PDFCited by)
D. Kroon, J.J.G. Reijmer, and R. Rendle

3. U-Th dating and diagenesis of Pleistocene highstand sediments from the Bahamas Slope (PDFCited by)
G.M. Henderson, R.H. Rendle, N.C. Slowey, and J.J.G. Reijmer


4. Magnetic properties and their implications at Site 1007 (PDFCited by)
K. Arai and T. Sato

5. Turbidite frequency and composition in the distal part of the Bahamas Transect (PDFCited by)
K.H. Bernet, G.P. Eberli, and A. Gilli
(See Chapter Notes)

6. Mineralogy and sedimentology of the Pleistocene to Holocene on the Leeward Margin of Great Bahama Bank (PDFCited by)
R.H. Rendle, J.J.G. Reijmer, D. Kroon, and G.M. Henderson
(See Chapter Note)

7. FMS images from carbonates of the Bahama Bank Slope, ODP Leg 166: lithological identification and cyclo-stratigraphy (PDF only due to reprint)
T. Williams and C. Pirmez
(Reprinted by permission from Geological Society Special Publications (London), 159:227-238, 1999)


8. The oxygen isotopic composition of interstitial waters: evidence for fluid flow and recrystallization in the margin of Great Bahama Bank (PDFCited by)
P.K. Swart

9. Minor and trace elements in interstitial waters of the Great Bahama Bank: results from ODP Leg 166 (PDFCited by)
E.H. De Carlo and P.A. Kramer

10. Geothermal regime of the western margin of the Great Bahama Bank (PDFCited by)
S. Nagihara and K. Wang


11. Data Report: Paleomagnetism of carbonate sediments from Hole 1006A, Bahamas Transect, Leg 166 (PDFCited by)
D.F. McNeill and J.I. Kislak

12. Data Report: Miocene benthic foraminiferal abundances and dissolution indices, Site 1006, Straits of Florida (PDFCited by)
M.E. Katz

13. Data Report: Geochemistry of Miocene sediments, Sites 1006 and 1007, Leeward Margin, Great Bahama Bank (PDFCited by)
T.D. Frank

14. Data Report: Geochemistry and mineralogy of periplatform carbonate sediments: Sites 1006, 1008, and 1009 (PDFCited by)
M. Malone


15. Coupled early Pliocene-middle Miocene bio-cyclostratigraphy of Site 1006 reveals orbitally induced cyclicity patterns of Great Bahama Bank carbonate production (PDFCited by)
D. Kroon, T. Williams, C. Pirmez, S. Spezzaferri, T. Sato, and J.D. Wright

16. The record of Neogene sea-level changes in the prograding carbonates along the Bahamas Transect—Leg 166 Synthesis (PDFCited by)
G.P. Eberli

17. Overview of interstitial fluid and sediment geochemistry, Sites 1003-1007 (Bahamas Transect) (PDFCited by)
P.A. Kramer, P.K. Swart, E.H. De Carlo, and N.H. Schovsbo


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Chapter 15: Table 1. Distribution chart of planktonic foraminifers. (PDF)

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SR166_02 (Chapter 2):

02_01.TXT: Table 1. Hole 1006A isotope and aragonite data.

02_02.TXT: Table 2. Hole 1006B isotope and aragonite content data.

02_03.TXT: Table 3. Site 1006 isotope and aragonite data.

SR166_05 (Chapter 5):

05_01.TXT: Table 1. Mineralogical composition of samples, Site 1003.

05_02.TXT: Table 2. Mineralogical composition of samples, Site 1007.

05_03.TXT: Table 3. Composition of turbidite and background samples at Site 1003 determined from a point-count analysis.

05_04.TXT: Table 4. Composition of turbidite and background samples at Site 1007 determined from a point-count analysis.

SR166_11 (Chapter 11):

11_01.TXT: Table 1. Paleomagnetic data for discrete samples from Hole 1006A, including the remanence intensity at the natural remanent magnetization (NRM) level, the maximum alternating-field (AF) demagnetization step, and the magnetic susceptibility.

11_02.TXT: Table 2. Summary of orientation data, maximum angular deviation (MAD) value, sample ranking, and polarity designation (where possible), Hole 1006A.

SR166_14 (Chapter 14):

14_01.TXT: Table 1. Mineralogic, elemental, and stable isotopic composition of bulk carbonate sediments, Site 1006.

14_02.TXT: Table 2. Mineralogic, elemental, and stable isotopic composition of bulk carbonate sediments, Site 1008.

14_03.TXT: Table 3. Mineralogic, elemental, and stable isotopic composition of bulk carbonate sediments, Site 1009.

A site map showing the drilling locations for this leg and maps showing the drilling locations of all Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available.

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