Volume 179 Initial Reports

23 July 1999
ISSN 1096-2158

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Preliminary Page (Volume cited by)

Contents: Chapters

1. Leg 179 Summary (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

2. Site Abstracts (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Explanatory Notes (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Hammer Drill Site (1104 and 1106) and Site 1105 (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

5. NERO Site (1107) (PDFCited by)
Shipboard Scientific Party

Contents: Core Descriptions

Digital images and visual core descriptions (VCDs) are included in this section. VCDs and thin-section data tables are combined into one PDF file.

Site 1105
Visual Core Descriptions Thin Sections

Contents: ASCII Tables

This CD-ROM contains an ASCII version of Table T15: Major oxide and trace element analyses of gabbros from Hole 1105A, from Chapter 4, Hammer Drill Site (1104 and 1106) and Site 1105.

Contents: QuickTime Movie

This CD-ROM contains a QuickTime movie file that shows the bathymetry of the Atlantis II Transform, which offsets the Southwest Indian Ridge, showing the position of the Atlantis Bank. The user can manually rotate and zoom in on the image. Please note that QuickTime Version 3.0 software is provided on the CD, but is only available for the Macintosh and PC platforms.


Contents: Supplementary Materials

The 179 Initial Reports CD-ROM contains supplementary data provided by the volume authors.


The Appendix contains the igneous data collected during this leg, which are recorded in a set of seven Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The files within the Appendix are explained in detail in the APPENDIX/README.TXT file. The "APPENDIX" directory (link to directory to choose and copy files) contains the following Excel 5.0 (.XLS) and ASCII (.TXT) files:

AT1.XLS and AT1.TXT: Piece length log.
AT2.XLS and AT2.TXT: Igneous/metamorphic core log. (Note: The macro in Appendix Table 2 only works in the Excel version.)
AT3.XLS and AT3.TXT: Structure log.
AT4.XLS and AT4.TXT: Whole-core magnetic susceptibility data.
AT5.XLS and AT5.TXT: Split-core cryogenic magnetometer data.
AT6.XLS and AT6.TXT: Compressional wave velocity data for Hole 1105A.
AT7.XLS and AT7.TXT: Index properties data for Hole 1105A.


The "PHOTOMIC" directory (link to directory to choose and copy files) includes supplementary data—a photomicrograph log, photomicrographs, scales, and a readme file. This directory contains the following ASCII (.TXT), Microsoft Excel 5.0 (.XLS), TIF (.TIF), and Adobe Illustrator 7.0 (.AI) files:

PHOTOMIC (Photomicrographs)

PHOTOTIF (72 individual photomicrographs)
SCALES (Scale bars)


Prints of any of the photomicrograph images may be requested from the Data Librarian of the Ocean Drilling Program by e-mail at database@odpemail.tamu.edu.

Drilling Locations Maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this leg and maps showing the drilling locations of all Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available.

ODP Leg 179 Site Map
(Legs 100–179) (PDF)
DSDP Map (Legs 1–96) (PDF)