Figures F1-F59
Figures F60-F77
Tables T1-T23

F1. Bathymetry in area of Site 1149.

F2. Comparison of sedimentary sections.

F3. Seismic stratigraphy at Site 1149.

F4. MCS Line 39.

F5. Topography of study area showing magnetic lineations.

F6. Magnetic anomalies and predicted bathymetry.

F7. Track chart of Leg 185 SCS survey.

F8. Seismic stratigraphy near Hole 1149D.

F9. Synthetic stratigraphic section.

F10. Ash layers, Hole 1149A.

F11. Pumice in background sediment.

F12. Planktonic foraminifer test in vug.

F13. X-ray diffractogram traces from lithologic Unit I.

F14. Bioturbation of Unit I.

F15. Dark green indurated layer and color change of background sediment.

F16. Bioturbation at transition in lithologic Subunit IIA.

F17. X-ray diffractogram traces from lithologic Unit II.

F18. Deformational features in Unit II.

F19. Lamination in lithologic Unit III.

F20. Radiolarian porcelanite.

F21. Chert with vein.

F22. X-ray diffractogram traces from lithologic Unit III.

F23. Sediment in burrows and on bedding planes.

F24. An indurated burrow in radiolarian marl and a water escape structure.

F25. Radiolarian chalk and marlstone.

F26. X-ray diffractogram traces from lithologic Unit IV.

F27. Discontinuous lamination in marlstone.

F28. Chert with "swiss cheese" type lenses.

F29. Crudely laminated chalks.

F30. Chalks and calcareous marls.

F31. X-ray diffractogram traces from lithologic Units IV and V.

F32. Basement stratigraphy and unit boundaries.

F33. Chilled pillow rims with crystalline interpillow material.

F34. Altered chilled pillow rim.

F35. Brecciated basalt from Hole 1149B.

F36. Brecciated basalt from Hole 1149C.

F37. Brecciated basalt from Hole 1149D.

F38. Hyaloclastite from Hole 1149D.

F39. Hyaloclastite/brecciated glassy basalt fragments from Hole 1149D.

F40. Pillow rim and interpillow material from Hole 1149D.

F41. Typical groundmass of the basalts.

F42. Maximum and average phenocryst size vs. depth.

F43. Euhedral plagioclase and olivine phenocrysts in a glassy pillow rim.

F44. Altered plagioclase phenocrysts.

F45. Altered olivine phenocryst.

F46. MgO vs. Fe2O3 and Zr vs. Y for basalts, Sites 1149 and 801.

F47. Variation in intensity alteration.

F48. Data on veins, breccia, and alteration halos.

F49. Compositions of veins and proportions of saponite and carbonate.

F50. Concentration profiles of alkalinity, dissolved NH4+, and PO43-.

F51. Concentration profiles of dissolved SO42-, Mn2+, and Fe2+.

F52. Concentration profiles of dissolved silica and Sr2+.

F53. Concentration profiles of dissolved Na+, K+, and Li+.

F54. Concentration profiles of dissolved Ca2+ and Mg2+.

F55. Relationships between dissolved constituents.

F56. Concentration profiles of salinity and dissolved Cl-.

F57. Profiles of Fe/Al, MnO/Al2O3, and P2O5/Al2O3.

F58. Profiles of SiO2 and SiO2/Al2O3.

F59. Profiles of Ba/Al and Sr/Al.

Figures F1-F59
Figures F60-F77
Tables T1-T23