Figures F1-F42
Tables T1-T17

F1. Nintoku Seamount region bathymetry.

F2. Sedimentary units in Hole 1205A.

F3. Chemical analyses of carbonate.

F4. Sedimentary components from smear slides.

F5. Features from Hole 1205A.

F6. Calcareous nannofossil zonation in Hole 1205A.

F7. Recovery, thickness, composition, and lithology of basement units.

F8. Red clay soil and unweathered basalt units.

F9. Highly plagioclase-phyric alkali basalt.

F10. Plagioclase-olivine-phyric basalt overlying aphyric basalt.

F11. Hawaiite clasts embedded in fossiliferous sand.

F12. Red clay soil overlying weathered aphyric basalt.

F13. Architecture of pahoehoe lava.

F14. Architecture and flow velocity of a'a lava.

F15. Architecture and flow velocity of transitional lava.

F16. Plagioclase phenocryst features.

F17. Titanomagnetite morphologies.

F18. Total alkali vs. SiO2 plot.

F19. Na2O, K2O, TiO2, CaO, Al2O3, and Zr vs. MgO.

F20. Alkalinity, Ti/Zr, Zr, and Ba.

F21. Sc vs. MgO for Sites 1205 and 432.

F22. Zr/Ba, Zr/Sr, Ti/Ba, and Ti/Sr vs. MgO.

F23. Y and Zr/Y vs. Zr.

F24. Alteration, minerals, vesicles, and vesicle and vein fillings.

F25. Vesicle with celadonite and saponite.

F26. LOI, K2O, Cu/Zr, Co/Zr, and Zn/Zr with depth.

F27. Magnetic susceptibility, Koenigsberger ratio, and MDF.

F28. Lowrie-Fuller tests on basalt samples.

F29. IRM acquisition and demagnetization.

F30. Samples with possible superparamagnetic grains.

F31. Orthogonal vector plots of basalt.

F32. RM vs. compressional wave velocity.

F33. Orthogonal vector plots of nonideal basalt.

F34. Orthogonal vector plots of incompletely demagnetized basalt.

F35. Inclination of lava flows vs. Fisher distribution.

F36. Physical properties.

F37. Thermal conductivity.

F38. Compressional wave velocity.

F39. Compressional wave velocity vs. bulk density.

F40. Site 1205 seismic reflection.

F41. Fk-migrated section of survey Line 1.

F42. Fk-migrated section of survey Line 4.

Tables T1-T17

T1. Coring summary, Site 1205.

T2. Carbonate data, Hole 1205A.

T3. Nannofossil abundance, distribution, and biozonal assignments.

T4. Distribution, thickness, and lithology of basement units, Hole 1205A.

T5. Organic carbon contents of soils.

T6. Structure and morphology of lava units.

T7. Opaque mineralogy of basement rocks.

T8. Major and trace elements.

T9. Rock magnetic parameters for basalt.

T10. ChRM inclination averages and statistics.

T11. Magnetic susceptibility.

T12. GRA bulk density.

T13. Natural gamma ray measurements.

T14. Thermal conductivity.

T15. Index properties.

T16. Compressional wave velocity.

T17. SIOSEIS process parameter.

Figures F1-F42
Tables T1-T17