Figures F1-F11
Tables T1-T15

F1. Example of a barrel sheet.

F2. Graphic lithology symbols.

F3. Core description symbols.

F4. Grain-size divisions.

F5. Nannofossil, foraminifer, and radiolarian zonations.

F6. Paleomagnetic orientation system.

F7. Thermal demagnetization of chalks.

F8. GRA density.

F9. Age-depth plot.

F10. Comparison of Si results.

F11. Tool strings.

Tables T1-T15

T1. Cenozoic nannofossil datum events.

T2. Cretaceous nannofossil datum events.

T3. Cenozoic foraminifer datum events.

T4. Cretaceous foraminifer datum events.

T5. Cenozoic Radiolarian datum events.

T6. Late Cretaceous radiolarian datums and zones.

T7. Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic magnetic polarity timescale.

T8. Composite depth table.

T9. Splice table.

T10. Analytical reproducibility.

T11. MST sampling frequencies.

T12. NCR calibration standard salinities.

T13. NCR sensor calibration.

T14. Wireline tool string measurements.

T15. Wireline tool acronyms and units.

Figures F1-F11
Tables T1-T15