Figures F1-F6
Tables T1-T9

F1. Sediment classification.

F2. Smoothing example.

F3. Barrel sheet key.

F4. Calcareous nannofossil and planktonic foraminiferal zonation.

F5. Bias in measured declination data.

F6. Tool string configurations.

Tables T1-T9

T1. Cenozoic and Mesozoic calcareous nannofossil datums.

T2. Cenozoic and Mesozoic planktonic foraminiferal datums.

T3. Benthic foraminifer depth zones.

T4. Demagnetization of working haves and core sections.

T5. Timescale used for magnetostratigraphic age assignments.

T6. Interstitial water geochemistry quality control results.

T7. Reproducibility of sediment dissolution ICP-AES analyses results.

T8. Measurements made by wireline tool strings.

T9. Acronyms and units used for wireline logging tools.

Figures F1-F6
Tables T1-T9