Figures F1-F24

F1. Bathymetry of Walvis Ridge and South African margin.

F2. Study area of Leg 208.

F3. Bathymetry of Walvis Ridge.

F4. Seismic profile crossing Site 1262.

F5. Channel that might represent a path for bottom waters between the Cape and Angola Basins.

F6. Magnetostratigraphy for Paleocene and upper Cretaceous.

F7. Cycle counting using a* and Fe intensity data.

F8. Cycle counting timescale vs. present astronomical solutions for orbital eccentricity.

F9. The Cretaceous/Paleocene boundary from Walvis Ridge.

F10. Residue in the >63-Ám fraction at the K/Pg boundary.

F11. Stable isotope bulk carbonate across the K/Pg boundary.

F12. Sedimentation and carbonate accumulation rates.

F13. Core photos and CaCO3 across the P/E boundary.

F14. Bulk sediment carbon isotope records.

F15. n-alkane 13C and bulk carbonate isotopes.

F16. Biohorizons N1–N5, Site 1263.

F17. Grain-size distributions, Sites 1263 and 1267.

F18. Bulk carbonate 13C and MS across the Elmo horizon.

F19. Stable isotopes of bulk sediment and single foraminifers across the Elmo horizon, Site 1263.

F20. Stable oxygen and carbon isotopes of C. mundulus and bulk fragments of PF.

F21. Carbonate, and coarse fraction, and L*.

F22. Nd isotope record.

F23. Sr isotope results.

F24. Foraminiferal 7Li and Li/Ca.

Figures F1-F24