Sample Distribution,
Data Distribution, and
Publications Policy

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Policy
2.1. Sample Distribution
2.2. Data Distribution
2.3. Publication Distribution

3. Program Responsibilities
3.1. Curatorial Responsibilities
3.1.a. Sample Allocation Committee (SAC)
3.1.b. Curatorial Advisory Board (CAB)
3.1.c. ODP Curator
3.2. Publication Responsibilities
3.2.a. Editorial Review Board (ERB)

4. Requester Responsibilities: Moratorium Sampling
4.1. Leg-Specific Sampling Strategy
4.2. Requests from Scientific Party Members
4.2.a. Requests for Samples
4.2.b. Requests for Data
4.3. Samples for Routine Shipboard Analyses
4.4. Sample- and Data-Recipient Responsibilities
4.4.a. Fulfillment of ODP Obligations
4.4.b. Publishing within the Moratorium
4.4.c. Publishing after the Moratorium

5. Requester Responsibilities: Postmoratorium Sampling
5.1. Scientific Sampling
5.1.a. Sample Request Procedures
5.1.b. Sampling the Permanent Archive
5.1.c. Sample-Recipient Responsibilities
5.2. Requests for Educational Material
5.3. Requests for Public Display Material

Appendix A:
Checklists for Fulfilling ODP Obligations

Appendix B:
Core Curation Terms and Definitions

Appendix C:
Contact Information: Curatorial Advisory Board, Policy Overseers, and ODP Representatives

Appendix D:
Leg-Specific Sampling Strategy Guidelines

Appendix E:
ODP Sample Request Form

Appendix F:
Typical Sample Volumes

Appendix G:
Postcruise Data Availability Form

Appendix H:
Summary of Policy Revisions and Updates Made After March 1999

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