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JANUS Applications

JANUS encompasses a group of applications that are used on the ship to input data in the JANUS database. You can read the Introduction to get an overview of each application or you can use the following table of contents to access the detailed manual of each application.


Section / Title Page

1.0 Introduction to Janus I-1

1.1 Common Features of the Janus Application I-1

1.2 The Janus User Interface I-1

    1.2.1 Working with the User Interface I-2 Janus Windows, Menus, and Widgets I-3 Windows I-3 Menus I-4 Widgets I-5

        1.2.2 Coloring of Text Fields I-9

        1.2.3 Navigation I-9

1.3 About This Manual I-10

1.4 How to Use the On-Line Help I-10

2.0 The Janus Application I-13

2.1 Starting the Application I-13

2.2 Janus Login Window I-13

2.3 Ocean Drilling Program - Janus Window I-14

    2.3.1 File I-15 Logout I-15 Change Legs I-15 Quit I-15

Section / Title Page

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